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by Fey, Tina, 1970-

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Narrated by the author.

Tina Fey had always dreamt of becoming a TV comedian. Here, listeners will learn how those dreams have come true as Tina tells all--and explains how you're no one until someone calls you bossy.

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Community Reviews


I loved reading Bossypants, Tina's narration makes it 100% funnier. The accents are great!


This book is full of hilarious stories about Tina Fey's childhood, family, and career. It works perfectly as an audiobook since much of it is funnier in her voice. There's a lot of feminism mixed in with her humor, and she is both inspiring and easy to relate to.

So Funny!

I listened to this audio book on a long car drive and it really helped me make it to my destination in a good mood. I laughed through the entire book and was sad to hear it end. Tina Fey is an inspiration to girls everywhere. It was great that she was actually reading the book too.

definitely recommend!

I listened to this book on cd while driving up north and spent the whole time giggling and smiling. I was very glad that I chose this audiobook for my 8 hour roundtrip drive. It was even better since Tina Fey narrated it herself, being able to give the correct intonation and different voices throughout all of her stories. I only wish that more authors took the time to narrate their own books like Fey did.

My go-to when I need a laugh

LOVE! If you like Tina Fey even a little, if you need cheering up, or just want a laugh, this is a great book! I've listened to it on CD multiple times!


This is by far one of my favorite audiobooks of all time. I'm so glad I listened to it rather than just read it because Tina Fey reads it, and it's just perfect that way. The voices she does, the inflections she uses...I couldn't imagine experiencing this book any other way. I laughed out loud over and over throughout and found a lot of her insights about SNL and especially the 2008 presidential campaign to be fascinating. Made my commute actually enjoyable!


This is a wonderful book to listen to! Tina Fey is dang funny, and as the narrator of her own story-- it's perfect. I was laughing out ooud and wanted more. I'm picky about audiobooks, as in I'm not a huge fan. But I will read ones that are funny and read by good people.

Thoroughly Wonderful!

I was first tempted by this audiobook when visiting my sister. She had just purchased it and raved about the content and the unique style that Fey exhibits as a reader. As soon as I returned home, I requested both the book and the audiobook and while the book is hilarious, I must admit that the audiobook is even more so. Fey's style of writing is only enhanced when she reads. There are many sections of the book that I read and smiled at, but when she read them, I laughed out loud.

The content of the book is phenomenal. From her humble beginnings as a frumpy child and teenager to her current status as a witty writer and performer (but according to herself, still frumpy). The most lovable aspect of Fey is that even though she is smart and funny, she still finds herself in awkward or embarrassing situations. For example, when told that NBC was going to pick up 30 Rock, her nervous reaction was, "Your welcome!" Having done similar things, I immediately related to her and found her verbal slip endearing.

The hunch that I get from listening to her talk about herself is that Fey will never suffer from a large ego. She knocks herself down enough while still appearing to have confidence. It seems to be a delicate balance that she succeeds at keeping. I enjoyed listening to this so much that after I returned it, I immediately put it on hold again!

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