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Elle Fanning, Stephen Dorff.

A witty, moving, and empathetic look into the orbit of actor Johnny Marco. You have probably seen him in the tabloids; Johnny is living at the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood. He has a Ferrari to drive around in, and a constant stream of girls and pills to stay in with. Comfortably numbed, Johnny drifts along. Then, his 11-year-old daughter Cleo from his failed marriage arrives unexpectedly at the Chateau. Their encounters encourage Johnny to face up to where he is in life.

DVD, anamorphic widescreen.

Community Reviews

Agree with breaking glass' review!

Was actually bored. I have the, perhaps, unreasonable tendency to want to see an arty or obscure movie through to its end because this has been rewarding in the past- just not for this film.

good movie

this movie was a pretty good movie. kinda depressing but still good

Not her best.

I have loved Sofia Coppola's films up until this point. The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette - all amazing. But "Somewhere" misses the mark...somewhere. The real highlight of the film is the father/daughter relationship between Johnny (Dorff) and Cleo (Fanning). Both are fine actors and their performances were lovely. The film, however, is the problem. Indulgent and somewhat boring? I can describe it that way. It was sort of interesting to see a less than glamorous look at the life of an actor, but I failed to have much sympathy for Johnny as a character, because I never learned much about him. One thing that is very clear is that Johnny is sad. This is well established by scene after quiet scene in which you will watch him miserably smoke cigarettes, drink and pass out. Sometimes, it felt like some sort of Bret Easton Ellis type action was about to happen at any time, but it never did. It's a good thing I like Stephen Dorff. I'll remember him more fondly from other films - but not this one.

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