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Into the gauntlet

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this was my favorite book in the 39 clues series! It was super good and the ending was awesome. =)

#10 in the series

I have reveiws for the other books in the series too and like I said in those I love this book and this series. I think this is a good addition to the series and recommend this book and series to all fans of the first book or fans of any of the books in the series.

The Best

The reason why this book was so great was because it was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The last book usually is the only good one with a series this long.


This is the best book in the series and one of my favorite books. The ending is awesome!


Great end to the series. Although, there is the series "cahills vs. vespers". Read this like, a thousand times.

liked it

lots of action


This book is very exciting. I won't spoil it, but in this book everything comes to an end. Though there are some sad parts, but other than that, it's a good read.


This book is the best book of the series because the Cahills finally know that they have to work together!


wow this was a really good end to the series a little cheesy that they all ended up friends, but how they just went back to their semi-normal lives(for now) at the end was really nice and funny. Can't wait to read Vespers vs. Cahills.

not so good

not so good

into the gaunlet

best book in the series!

Final Pinnacle

This book is the best book in the series. (In my opinion) This book is just... EPIC AND AWESOME


This is a great book in a great series. I think it is really cool that the Cahills finally end up all working together, and that they come to realize that power isn't everything. I would recommend this book for preteens.






good series


good adventure



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