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  • Published: Beverly Hills, CA : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, c2010.
  • Year Published: 2010
  • Description: 1 videodisc (120 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
  • Language: English
  • Format: DVD
  • Rated: PG

ISBN/Standard Number

  • 024543668824

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians : the lightning thief

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Call number: Youth-DVD Books-&-Stories Percy

Available Copies: Downtown Youth, Malletts Youth, Pittsfield Youth, West Youth

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Additional Details

Based on the novel by Rick Riordan.

DVD release of the 2010 motion picture.

Special features: 5 deleted scenes; Discover your powers quiz; "The book comes to life" featurette.

Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Steve Coogan, Rosario Dawson, Melina Kanakaredes, Catherine Keener, Kevin McKidd, Joe Pantoliano, Uma Thurman.

Percy Jackson is no ordinary teenager, he's the son of Poseidon and is accused of stealing Zeus' lightning bolt, the most powerful weapon ever created! With storm clouds brewing, Percy embarks on an incredible cross-country journey to prove his innocence, recover the bolt, and prevent a war among the gods that could destroy our world!

DVD; region 1; widescreen (2.35:1) presentation; dual layer.

Contents: Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

Community Reviews


ANNABETH IS BLONDE!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise it is ok


With such great books, they had a chance to make a great movie. They didn't. They changed the age of the character, which was extremely lame, and didn't follow the story very well.

too easy to understand

where is kronos? and i wanted the whole "hail persus jackson" and all.:[


The movie isn't bad, but the best thing about it was it got me reading the books. The books are much better. The movie does change quite a bit. Rick Riordan is amazing at working greek mythology into very entertaining fiction.

The Movie

A thrilling kid's movie, this is a fun flick to watch. Sadly, I was disapointed with the final result.
I am a big Percy Jackson fan, and the movie didn't follow the book as well as was expected.
However, it is pretty good on it's own, so give it a try!

The movie for the second book (Percy jackson and the Sea of Monsters)is coming soon!

Not Good

The book was waayyyyyyyyyy better

Book is much, much better

I highly recommend that you read the book before you watch this poorly made movie.

Horrible! Who directed this!!??

This movie is absolutely downright horrible! I read the book before I watched the movie and I found it hard to believe that it was the same story. Absolutely horrible! They didn't follow the story at all! Scenery and pictures suck! :(

pretty good

I thought this was pretty good. Though I've never read the book so I had nothing to compare it to.


Pretty good movie. However, the person that plays Annabeth chase is a brunette..... Annabeth is supposed to be blonde




This was a good movie, but the book was a lot better.

Disappointed :(

I was disappointed. The books are way better and the way the plot goes, there can't be a sequel. :(

Read the books instead

Having read the book first and been thoroughly enthralled, and being a fan of Kevin McKidd (Poseidon) and Sean Bean (Zeus), I was looking forward to this movie. However, I spent most of the film yelling at the screen. The effects are excellent. The performances are equally wonderful. However, the script writers, producers, and/or meddling studio execs absolutely butchered the story and many of its details. I am not hopeful that the further adventures of Percy Jackson will be filmed, and I'm not even sure how they would reconcile the differences in the story arc if they attempted to make a series of it.

I therefore only recommended this for the completist, or possibly the movie fan wanting to see the performances of the particular actors involved, which are actually quite nice.

Updated to add: the second book, Sea of Monsters, is being made into a movie. I will watch it if only to see Nathan Fillion (Castle, Dr. Horrible's Siing-Along Blog, Firefly) as Hermes, but my expectations for the story itself are very low.

Not as Good as Book, but still good

Almost as good as book. Movie was okay

Ehh, it's ok

I need to stop reading books before seeing the movies. It never works out well, and this is no exception. They didn't even mention a few major characters (Dionysus, Thalia, Clarisse, Ares, etc.) and the characters they DID have weren't right (Percy is supposed to be 12, not able to drive; Annabeth should be blond; Posideon should be a beachbum, not a warrior; etc.). The story was different, too. In fact, I don't think they got any part of the movie exactly right.
That being said, it was a pretty good movie. The acting wasn't bad, and the special effects were great. In short, I'd rate it better if it hadn't been "ruined" by the book! ;)


most of the reviews are wrong. thats the best movie in the world


I don't see how there could be a sequel. There wasn't even a mention of kronos. Percy Jackson without Kronos is like a Harry Potter movie without Voldemort.....

ready for part eight!

it's wonderful! A whole movie about greek & roman gods only debate can be had paints otherside right of the 700 club I'm honestly fine such entertainment! It's issues, but largely fine I'd wonder at closing scene gods zeus larger than life behind rope oppose demi-gods magical stuff other side small or human size is that really going hold up or is it old now, but free of edge in such things you least can say such fare has tradition...

A Work of Fan Fiction - Not Perfect but Trying

This movie is not exactly like the book, although it tries and - to some extent - succeeds in presenting the emotional impact of the Percy Jackson series. While I disagree with some choices - for instance, - they should NEVER have had Percy use the flying tennis shoes (that is against the cannon in the books that Percy, as Poseidon's son, does not do well on airplanes as the sky in Zeus' domain), other choices such as substituting Nashville's Parthenon for the St. Louis Arch, actually enhance the story.

It will be interesting what they do in the just recently green lighted sequel, since they have potentially killed off Luke (hey - he could have survived the watery trident to the throat - maybe Kronos will pick him up at sea in his cruise ship).

Logan Lerman is a good choice for Percy. While older than Percy in the original volumes, he has a boyish face that still lends some innocence and sweetness to the character. Loved the ancillary casting with Sean Bean as Zeus.

Sit back and enjoy it as a movie and as long as you don't expect it to be the same as the book - you might actually enjoy it!

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