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Based on the novel by Jane Austen.

Originally produced for television in 2009.

Contains 4 episodes of the series.

Special features: featurette; interviews.

Jonny Lee Miller, Michael Gambon, Romola Garai.

Jane Austen's masterpiece follows the dire consequences of Emma's failed matchmaking schemes.

DVD, widescreen (16x9 letterbox) presentation; DVD 9.

Contents: Emma.

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Masterpiece Theater

A literary masterpiece done in a masterful way. The bonus features help you see what attention to detail was involved in filming.
With 4 episodes they took the time to tell the story well.


I loved this when it came out and I loved watching it again. This version of Emma makes her much less manipulating and more likeable. I just love her Dad too! I'm watching it again this time to see Johnny Lee Miller - Mr Knightly! I just love him in the series Elementary and Mr Knightly is such a different character! Makes me appreciate his acting even more.


Love this version of Emma. BBC knows how to do Jane Austen.

Drama, Comedy, and Romance

The main character Emma has always struck me as being very annoying and immature. Her air of entitlement drives me a little crazy, and while she often helps those less fortunate than herself, I feel as though her charitable acts are more about her than they are about others. I believe that Emma sees her charity as an obligation that she can check off her to-do list and feel good about herself.

Whew! Now that I got that out of my system I can move on and begin raving about the actual movie and its actors. This film has everything including drama, romance, and comedy. I do love how the movie highlights Emma's faults enough to give you an accurate picture of her character but still manages to get you to root for her. She is by no means a perfect heroine, but she is young and she does mature in the end. I am absolutely in love with the cast. Romola Garai is phenomenal as the childlike Emma. I am convinced that she is the main reason that I was able to stand the selfish character. Jonny Lee Miller is perfect as the sensible and kind Mr. Knightly, and Michael Gambon as always, is Michael Gambon.

Overall this film is a very good adaptation of the novel and it is a perfect candidate for a rainy Saturday movie marathon (it is four episodes that equal 3 hours and 49 minutes all together). So, make some popcorn and enjoy!


love it


Match maker Emma, gets all matched up. Great costuming. Fun Fun.


This is the best version of Emma I have ever seen!... And I've seen most of them. Runner up the one starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

Every girl deserves a Mr. Knightly!!!!!!!!!

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