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Bad things happen

by Dolan, Harry.

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An Ann Arbor Mystery

I was attracted to this book by the Ann Arbor setting. It's fun to read a story set on the same streets where you live every day. In the end though, this didn't really have that strong an Ann Arbor feel to it. Change a few names and it could have been any college town. Some local details didn't really make sense, like a literary magazine publisher married to an English professor who live in a neighborhood that they don't seem likely to be able to afford on their income.

There are (at least) two mysteries going in parallel here. One is the question of who killed the publisher, and the other is the question of who the main character really is, and why he has changed his name and cut himself off from his past. The stories interact interestingly, but it does leave us with a detective whose motivations we don't really understand, so much of his behavior is odd. Plot twists are piled on plot twists, with lots of herrings of all colors. In the end I can't really give it an enthusiastic endorsement, but it's not a waste of time either.

Bad, bad, bad...

It seemed that the plot changed every other page and I could not keep up with the characters or learn enough about them to be interested in what happened to them. By the end of the book I still couldn't figure out why anyone did anything to anyone else. Not the best crime novel I've read. I think the main reason I didn't like it was because nothing in here was very realistic.


The characters' names were too difficult to pronounce to read over easily; perhaps Loogan would have been better as Logan and Waishkey as Walsh, Wrentmore as Wentmore, etc.
The plot was so complicated that after finishing the book I still wasn't sure about who did what to whom. I tried to backtrack but that didn't help. As a first novel, Dolan shows promise. He just shouldn't try to get so many "twists" into one story.


terrible book dont read really boring i read it and it was super boring.

Bad thing

Bad thing always happened but it is up to us yo handle it properly.



not bad


for real

does this realy happen


Just good.

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