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The help

by Stockett, Kathryn.

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A book I will always remember

This book is so memorable. I find myself thinking about and referring to it even years after reading it. It made a big impression on me, it was very eye opening. It's also a great re-read.

5 stars

Incredibly well written, thought provoking, and insightful. Many people have written many things about this, so I think I won't bother.

(slight hint of a spoiler included at the end of this paragraph.) The one thing I didn't like was that after a whole book of first-person perspectives (and it was this that gave the book its greatest power and impact), the one chapter near the end that was in third person felt completely disjointed. That was astonishingly distracting for me. And do you really think they wouldn't have noticed about the L-shaped crack? I find that hard to believe....

Great book


the help

well-developed characters

Thoroughly enjoyed this book

Liked the movie too, but the book was way better! Characters well developed.

Worth waiting for!

People have been telling me to read this for ages, and I had to wait a while for it to become available at the library, then it took me a while to find the time to read it. I finally sat down with it this summer and couldn't put it down. I finished it in two days. The characters are beautifully written and absolutely believable. I feel like I have spent time with each one of them in real life.


It took awhile to get into it, and most of all get used to the speech she uses for the maids. However, once you do, it becomes a ride that you don't want to get off of until you reach the end. Quite enjoyable.


This is a wonderful book that everyone should read at least once in their life.


I absolutely loved this book!

Wonderful! Great for a mother/daughter read!

This book was a wonderful mix of historical fiction and gripping storytelling. I was transported back to the era and really connected with (and despised some) characters. The moments of humor were perfectly timed to keep the reading "beach read-y" enough for a "right before bed" book. I enjoyed reading this and then suggesting it to my Mom. We had a fun time talking about the book and then watching the movie.

Fun, Touching, Engaging.

This was read by my book group. Everyone loved it, and has lots to say about it. I really enoyed how the story was told through different voices. It is a quick book, well worth the read! The movie is good too.

Good book

I also recommend watching the movie


Some parts of this were funny, especially the one with the "chocolate" pie.

Must read

This is a fantastic book! I read it over a few days because I simply could not put it down. The development of the main characters is amazing and keeps you wanting more. My only criticism is that I didn't want it to end.

Great book

I really enjoyed this novel. It had great characters and a story that pulled you in right away. Also really appreciated the author's note at the end.


all time fav

great book

this is off the chizzain! :oD

One of the best books I've read recently

This book was simply amazing. I loved every minute of it. The stories of the three strong, brave women wove so well into each other that I felt like I was there with them. I highly recommend the book on tape version. They have three different readers for each of the three main characters and it really brings the story to life. The thing I liked best (and worst) was the way the author was able to convey the respective relationships of the parents and children and the help and the children. Although the experience doesn't compare, a woman helped raise my brother and I, and I know how complex the relationships can get between help, parents, and children. I was simply amazed at how well those feelings came across in the narrative. Bravo!

Mixed Value

Overall, an informative and rich read for those who know little to moderate info. about life for African Americans during this time period. I delighted in the variety of personalities visited as we saw the story through each protagonist's eyes in rotation. However, I do believe some realities were toned down a bit for example the type and level of violence, the type of behavior tolerated from the blacks in this story. As an African American woman whose parents and grandparents lived through the Civil Rights period (in the North AND in the South), I have heard stories of what the more accurate reality might have been for characters in "The Help" But, of course, this is a work of fiction and some things are probably best left to the imagination - especially for those who would like to forget what really happened....


looks like a nice book need to check out

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