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Dark river

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As Hollypaw, Lionpaw and Jaypaw, grandchildren of the legendary Firestar, continue their training to be warrior cats, each is haunted by a different internal struggle that could lead to trouble for all Clans.

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just to sum it up read my title


It shows the struggle they have to go through even though their so young Its great


great book

It is an awesome good book

My daughter Very Very Super LOVES IT

Good Series

I've read all of the books and this book is right in the "norm" for the Warrior Series. There's lots of action with a teensy bit of friendship involved.

Dark River (two reviews ago) - NOT!!!!

The series is definitely NOT good. It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you say such a thing???? Quit titling your review as the title of the book then saying its worse than it really is, glenn_auerbach@malloy.com !!!!!
And, lucky2011, don't title your reviews "cover" and then say the cover looks cool. I'll bet you don't even look inside the book and that you paste the same stuff for ever book you come to!!!!!!


The cover looks really cool.



good book

great book!

Dark River

So far the series is good.


A wonderful book for Warriors fans.

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