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Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

by La Fevers, R. L.

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Twelve-year-old Theo uses arcane knowledge and her own special talent when she encounters two secret societies, one sworn to protect the world from ancient Egyptian magic and one planning to harness it to bring chaos to the world, both of which want a valuable artifact stolen from the London museum for which her parents work.

Community Reviews

Overlooked middle grade series gem

Like Roald Dahl's Matilda before her, Theodosia Throckmorton can't get any respect. At the young age of eleven she already has a formidable knowledge of Egyptian theology and black magic but her parents are too consumed with running their museum of antiquities to notice. Even worse, the elder Throckmortons often unwittingly place themselves in harm's way, forcing Theodosia to rescue them (but always behind the scenes in order to spare their pride.) I think kids will love the many jabs at adults' apparent cluelessness. After all, what child hasn't pondered how life would be better if only they were in charge? Theodosia's adventures are not only thrilling, they're wish fulfillment - i.e. what theoretically would happen if a bright kid was afforded with the perfect venue for their talents?

Unfortunately LaFevers isn't quite successful in capturing the voice of a young Edwardian girl. She makes a good effort to insert period expressions into the text but a strong (contemporary) American twang remains. I didn't think this marred the story at all but, if that type of thing bugs you, you've been warned.

Oh, also, look up the meaning of the name "Theodosia" if you're not familiar. I did so on a whim and thought it was a clever choice, given the book's subject matter.

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