Bedknobs and broomsticks

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Call number: Youth-DVD Disney Bedknobs

Available Copies: Downtown Youth, Traverwood Youth

Additional Details

Released in 1971 as a motion picture.

Based on a book by Mary Norton.

Features include: complete original film with fully restored audio and video ; "The worm turns" animated short starring Mickey Mouse ; "The vanishing private" animated short starring Donald Duck ; all-new "Music magic" featurette with The Sherman Brothers songwriting tean, Angela Lansbury and Scott MacQueen on the making of the film ; "A step in the right direction"--Deleted song ; Bedknobs and broomsticks scrapbook-3 still frame galleries, including concept art, advertising & publicity and merchandising ; theatrical trailers ; "Portobello Road" recording session with David Tomlinson-never before seen.

Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson, Roddy McDowall, Sam Jaffe and John Ericson.

A witch and three waifs help defeat the Nazis in England in 1940.

DVD, digitally mastered; Dolby Digital surround sound.

Community Reviews

One of my childhood favorites

Between this and Mary Poppins, I clearly had a thing for magical caretakers and hanging out with cartoon characters. Great family movie.

Trivia Time: The song "Bobbing Along" during the underwater sequence was originally written for Mary Poppins, but the scene was cut from the Julie Andrew's movie.

Such a fun family movie!

This entertained my 7 yo and 4 yo and my husband and I felt all nostalgic remembering watching it when we were little kids. Fun music and fun to watch the super-cool 1970s special effects. Fun!


This is a great kids movie!


Wonderful music and dance numbers. Includes a segment of live-action integrated into an animation, similar to Mary Poppins' picnic and race sequence, involving an island of talking animals and an English football (soccer) match.

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