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Moo, baa, la la la!

by Boynton, Sandra.

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On board pages.

Community Reviews

Animal sounds

Seem to be the most important thing for a child to learn. I'm not sure why. But Boynton, as always, keeps it fun by throwing in a few singing pigs and some rhinos. But I can never get my son to say anything when we get to the end!

Singing pigs

You have to love a book that has pigs singing and dancing.

A family favorite

This a cute, silly story filled with animal sounds and adorable illustrations. My kids are older now, but I think I still know this book by heart. "A cow says 'moo,' a sheep says 'baa,' three singing pigs say 'la la la'........"

One of the first books she likes

I agree that it's a bit disappointing to the adult reader to have the pigs say "oink," but my daughter loves all the animal noises. It's one of the first books she'd let me read her.


The first part of this book, with the three singing pigs saying "La La La" is brilliant. But then, like a child saying "Daddy! Read it right!", it rejects the fantastic, the poor pigs are consigned to just saying "Oink" all day and night, and for the rest of the book we have nothing but ordinary animals making ordinary sounds. It's almost depressing.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's a Boynton book. It's brilliant and the kids love it.

Love it!

My 2.5 month old son got this book as a gift when he was born. He's too young to understand words yet, but he likes looking at the book, and I like reading it to him!

Kids' favorite

This is a favorite book in our family and has been given many times for gifts - always to rave reviews!

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