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The Sopranos. The complete 1st season, disc 1

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Originally broadcast by HBO in 1999.

Aspect ratio 16:9.

The Sopranos -- 46 long -- Denial, anger, acceptance -- Meadowlands.

James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, Dominic Chianese, Vincent Pastore, Steven Van Zandty, Tony Siricio, Robert Iler, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Nancy Marchand.

Tony Soprano is your average, middle-aged businessman. Tony's got a dutiful wife, a not-so-dutiful daughter, a son named Anthony Jr. a mother he's trying to coax into a retirement home, a hot-headed uncle, a not-too-secret mistress and a shrink to tell all his secrets, except the one she already knows: Tony's a mob boss.

DVD format. Digital video disc. Dolby digital surround.

Community Reviews


This is a great show. I am just watching it from the very beginning again for about the 3rd or 4th time. Never gets old. I find it Interesting that there are 25 requests on 2 copies of the first disc to the first season of this, just weeks after James Gandolfini's death....:/ RIP JG

Great Show

This is a great show! Very interesting and entertaining.

good show

i like this show

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