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  • Published: New York : Scholastic, 2003.
  • Year Published: 2003
  • Description: 896 p.
  • Language: English
  • Format: Book

Reading Level

  • Lexile: 950

ISBN/Standard Number

  • 0439358078 (pbk.)
  • 043935806X :



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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

by Rowling, J. K.

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Call number: Y Fiction / Rowling, J. K.

Available Copies: Downtown Youth, West Youth

Additional Details

Youth level.

"Year 5."

Community Reviews



Review from a "would I let my kid read it" perspective

** spoiler alert ** I thought that, from a read-to-my-kid perspective, the ongoing tension within this book was how stressed-to-panicked the adults around Harry are. Certainly there is the mean ol' Professor Umbridge to contend with, but she is comic enough not to feel realistic to our day-to-day world. Until, of course, Harry and friends break into the Ministry of Magic, are attacked by Death Eaters, Sirius dies, and Voldemort attacks and then takes over Harry's body. (Note: my son read this when he was... 9? He was terribly distraught over Umbridge's cruelty to Harry, especially with the writing assignment. I was surprised by how much this bothered him. But in his world, teachers aren't hateful. This caused him no end of stress.)

My kids can read it when they're 18. :-)

BTW, I think one of the reasons I like this series so much is that it was clearly thought out completely before Rowling ever started writing. Almost everything introduced earlier in the series -- and always in very natural ways -- is relevant later. It makes this story about kids saving the world, not usually my favorite topic, into something worth investing time into.


Great book! Painful to read at times with all of Harry's problems, but still good!

The Best!!!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and this book happens to be my favorite. Some people get scared off by the size of the books, but they are great and I think everyone should have at least one!


An amazing book.


best book in whole series!


i didnt enjoy this book as much as the others in the series but it was still fairly interesting

The best book ever

The whole series is great, and i like this book alot

pretty good

This book was pretty good. There was only one kissing between Harry and Cho. but it was actually kinda funny cause after Harry, Ron, Hermione met in the common room and Ron or Hermione asked: "How was it?" Harry said "Wet."

Okay I guess

This was an okay book because it really didn't have any action. It was long but dull. Could've been better!


This is a great book. I can't believe Sirius dies!


"all that needs to be said"


One of my favorite books.


It's not everyday a movie series comes along that mixes magic, action, friendship, and ... Quidditch. The Harry Potter movies do all that and more, delighting fans of J.K. Rowling's books while also entertaining those new to the Potterverse. Like the books, the movies do get darker and more intense as the series progresses, so make sure your little Harry, Ron, and Hermione fans are ready for each new chapter before moving on.

Harry Potter Rocks

This is my favorite series in the world. This is one of the best books ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was really disappointing that Sirius died because of his cousin! Overall, it was a good book and also kinda spooky.

great movie

I love all the harry potter films



Great Book

I pretty much screamed "NOOOOO" when Sirus Black died. :(

This series is great!

^^^All that needs to be said^^^

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