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Sunset of the sabertooth

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Youth level.

Age level: 5 and up.

Grade level: K and up.

The magic tree house transports Jack and Annie on a mission to the Ice Age where they encounter Cro-Magnons, cave bears, sabertooth tigers, and woolly mammoths.

Community Reviews

Magic Journey

I like this book series. This book is a bout Jack and Annie finding their 3rd M thing. To find it they have to go back in the time of the Ice Age. But will they survive this journey through the cold and dangerous Ice Age and find the 3rd M thing?

Great series

Who doesn't love magic tree house? Sunset of the Sabertooth!


Sbtertooth scaried me a little bit because it eats any creatures including human being.

sunset of the sabertooth

sabertooths have big teeth

Good series

This was the first chapter book series my son got into.


read it in 3rd grade

Great Series

The Magic Tree House series brings back so many great memories. I remember reading these books when I was in the third grade and they were my favorite books. Everyone in my class was so into these books, they wouldn’t let go of them. These books are action-packed, full of adventure, filled with astounding twists and turns, and sometimes give the reader a nice laugh. Not only do they entertain the reader, but they also give tons of information about history. The storylines aren’t all that bad, either. I think it’s a nice way to educate our young ones. The series is a very interesting mix of fiction and nonfiction. Sometimes, I even find myself skimming through the books just for a nice, quick, twenty-minute read. I bought a few of the books when I was younger and now I’ve passed them on to my younger sister. She not only loves the series, but she is determined to read the entire series. I also appreciate the fact that the author, Mary Pope Osborne, is still writing books in the Magic Tree House series. Each book is a simple chapter book, ranging from seventy pages to one-hundred twenty pages. I would definitely recommend this entire series to anyone from kindergarten to fourth grade (based on the individual’s reading level, of course).


I love the idea of a magic tree house taking them to the past, its so cool. And you learn real stuff in the book, I know I did. I loved reading these series as a kid.

enjoyable book

This Magic Tree House book is like the other in the series. It provides the reader with a good lesson on real facts while experiences a wonderful fiction story.



magic tree house is awesome!

magic tree house is awesome!


Jack and Annie (brother and sister) discover a tree house that can take them any place in the books inside the tree house. They meet Morgan, the owner of the tree house, who is a magical librarian. In each book, they are given a puzzle to solve and a reference book that helps them. They explore science and history in the process of solving these puzzles. Some of the books were a bit scary for my kids. Generally, Jack and Annie work well together but there are times when Annie makes poor decisions that get them into trouble. A good way to sneak in some teaching in a reasonably entertaining and inoffensive manner


I used to love these books!

Great Historical Fiction

Jack and Annie go on adventures, teaching kids quite a lot about the time and places they go to.

Great book

I loved reading this book. I really liked the sabertooth part!


This is a great series for young readers. Jack and Annie travel through time with the help of Morgan le Fey's,a magical witch from Camelot ,magic tree house. Help these two heroes as they travel through time on a awesome adventure.

Sunset Of The Sabertooth

Excellent Historical Fiction. My kids love this series; I love that they are learning about a specific historical period or event.

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