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  • Published: Duluth, MN : New Moon Girl Media.
  • Language: English
  • Format: Magazine


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New moon girls : written by girls

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It says everything you need to know! Its AWESOME!

New Moon Girls

New Moon Girls magazine is a magazine for girls (surprise, surprise!). The main subject of the magazine is to show girls that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! Who cares what sexist people who think women are only fit for the kitchen say... we're just as good as males! Another focus of New Moon Girls magazine is that everybody has inner beauty, which is far more important then outer appearances. There are plenty of articles about that! There are articles about "herstorical" women who did amazing things in their lives. There are interviews with women *and* girls. And there's way more, too. "Dear Luna" is the section where girls can write to the magazine. "Ask a Girl" (one of my favorite parts!) is where girls send in questions about various troubling situations they are in, and other girls give there advice about what to do, or just sympathize with the person who wrote the question. There's fiction stories, poems, art, book reviews, articles about new moon girls write now who are doing wonderful things, and articles about women who were new moon girls when they were younger when who are doing wonderful things, just to name a few. Just an interesting tidbit - Jane Goodal (she is an amazing women - check out books about her from the library! :)) read New Moon Magazine when she was a girl. If you want to find out more about what the magazine contains, read Caser's review "from the New Moon Girls website."
And here is one of the best things of all about New Moon Girls Magazine: EVERYTHING IN IT IS WRITTEN BY GIRLS!!!! Girls write articles about themselves and others, girls interview other girls and women, girls write the stories, poetry, etc.... cool, huh?
So, anyway, if you are a girl, you have GOT to get a couple issues from the library and read them. You will love it! You should also check out the website at NewMoon.com

More Information About New Moon Girls

From the New Moon Girls website:

Our bi-monthly magazine is 100% advertising-free, highest-quality content for girls age 8 and up! You won't find diet advice or popularity contests here. New Moon Girls magazine is about helping girls discover and honor their true selves, engage in meaningful pursuits and dialogue, and express their voices in ways that matter.

In Every Issue:

Go, Girl!: Girl activists, adventurers, and athletes
Global Village: Girls internationally teach readers about countries and cultures
Women's Work: Features women in careers girls can aspire to
Herstory: Historical women with fascinating life stories
Fiction: A new story featuring girl characters in every issue
Body Language: Honest, accurate information about our bodies
The Last Word: Inspirational messages from accomplished girls and women
Plus Ask a Girl, Dear Luna, book reviews, cartoons, and more!

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