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The giver

by Lowry, Lois.

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Call number: Y Fiction / Lowry, Lois, R Newbery Medal 1994

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Given his lifetime assignment at the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas becomes the receiver of memories shared by only one other in his community and discovers the terrible truth about the society in which he lives.

Community Reviews

The Giver

My daughter recently read this book. I made her read it before watching the movie - which is good by the way. She really enjoyed the book. I hear it is required reading in middle school?

A good read

I have reread this book a few times at different ages, and enjoy it every time. The other books in the series tie in together nicely, but some are better than others ("The Giver" is the best). The movie was disappointing compared to the book.


I really liked this book, but did anyone else notice that it wasn't really a hardcore dystopian, but some milder version of one?

Great Book

This book is amazing!!! It is a must read.


This was a very well-written, disturbing book. I'm looking forward to the soon to be released movie - I think that Jeff Bridges was perfectly cast as the Giver.


This is a fantastic dystopian novel. It is great for adults too and will definitely make you think!


best book ever


Shows the true meaning of emotion and makes our life seem like a fantasy. Gives us a feel of life without choice or feeling.


I didn't like the ending
It didn't really give you an ending


It makes you imagine about the time when it is a lot different from now. A must read book.

The Giver

I never read this book when I was a kid, and I sure missed out. It’s great. It felt like it ended abruptly, but other than that highly recommended.

A Book to Remember

I just finished the Giver a few months ago and it is my new all-time favorite book. It inspired me too look at things differently. If you have read it you know what I mean! In this world there is no trouble.It is perfect and the was the way they liked it. when a boy of 12, Jonas, is selected to be the Receiver of Memory he discovers a world of joy and a world of hurt.

Both Adults and Young Readers will Enjoy

An excellent dystopian novel that can be enjoyed by adults and young readers alike. Great for book clubs!

Very good message

"The Giver" takes place in a future where the government tries to make everyone equal. Jonas, the main character, struggles with his "assignment" because it's different from his friends' assignments and is a very highly regarded job. Together, Jonas and the Giver, his mentor, decide to overthrow this "perfect" government and Jonas embarks on a journey to release memories to the world. The ending kind of leaves you hanging, but is very satisfying. This book addresses the issues of equality in our world--for instance, feelings that this person is "prettier than me" or "smarter than me"--and leaves the reader with an important message. Highly recommended!

the giver

In The Giver, Jonas is a model citizen of the Community, a place of order and tranquility, a place free from hunger and pain; a place of Sameness. On his eleventh birthday, Jonas is given his job assignment, alongside all other Elevens in the Community: he will be the next Receiver of Memory, a mysterious and honored role held by only one person in each generation. As his job training begins, Jonas becomes aware of the sacrifices he and his fellow citizens have made in exchange for peace and predictability: the joy of sledding down a snowy hill and the comfort of coming home to a warm fire in the hearth, the relief brought by a sip of water after the agony of thirst, the love of a family. This 1994 Newbery Medal winner from Lois Lowry has been hailed by Kirkus as "a richly provocative novel" that School Library Journal promises "will stay with readers for a long time."

Makes you Think

What is more important, truth or happiness? I found parts of the book disturbing, but it is good to read.

Loved it

This book really emphasizes the meaning of life, the bad and good things about it. This is shown through Jonas, a 12 year old boy who must hold all the memories of the world.


This is a fascinating dystopian novel which predates such series as The Hunger Games, Matched, and Divergent. In contrast to those series, The Giver emphasizes conflict between characters and psychological drama instead of focusing on action scenes.

Very Moving

This book is one of my favorite young adult books of all time. I've read it several times, and even as an adult, I find things that surprise me or move me in different ways. It's a great way to introduce younger readers to the concept of dystopian societies and also the ideas of individuality, the importance of memory, and even why pain is necessary in life. I've heard there are talks to make this into a movie, and I couldn't be more excited!

Resonates for Years

This incredible book may be geared towards younger students (think 5th grade), but the themes resonate with a much older crowd. I have read this book several times, and I am constantly amazing that it hasn't lost its potency. Take the hour (or so) and read it.

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