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The boxcar children

by Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

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Youth level.

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A classic

I remember reading these books on the bus on my way to kindergarten. An enduring classic.


good and enjoyable book for younger children;)


I like this book a lot!


When you are in Early Elementary these books are the perfect books that bring adventure and are not boring(at that age.)However if you are older you will start to realize that they are way to predictable and you can tell who did it by the 2nd chapter:( The four Alden children also have a little too much of a defined personality, but if you are littler you probably would like that. Overall this is a very good book.


This was one of my favorite series growing up, and the first book was the one I'd read over and over again. It's a fun book and a good start for mysteries. It's still fun to read as an adult.

The boxcar children

The boxcar children is a great series for young readers, focusing on four orphaned children living in a boxcar.

Still Compelling Today

I read and loved this series of books when I was a child in the 1980s and early 1990s. The language used between the siblings may feel a bit dated today, but the allure of children surviving on their own never fades. I remember being as absorbed in all the details of eating and drinking and going about a day's work as I was in the mystery plots. A good series for young readers, one that stands the test of time.


This book is really great.

Great Start to Long Series

This book was a really good book for me as a young child. I would really recommend it to kids reading in the elementary school level range. It is exciting and draws you in, making you want to read the rest of the books in the series, although that is probably very hard, since there are over 100 of them.


Great books for young readers!

Really Good

Really Good

The Boxcar Children

This book is really good and once you read it, you will want to read the whole series.


This book was always my favorte in the entire series. Even with much less of the mystery element, it still was very charming and I've always loved it. The entire series is a great collection of books for eager elementary readers.

Really good book!

This book inspired me to read other books in this series


This book has struck something in my heart from first grade, when this was the read-aloud book in my classroom. I remember that my teacher would read the first book in a series to us (the class) and then leave the rest of the series for us to read. This book has a well-set plot that compliments suspense (being a mystery, the suspense is natural) and surprise with a charming set of characters that have been seen in the 200-odd book series. The Alden family is making their way towards being hit characters and the cover design is beautiful.

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