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by Orwell, George, 1903-1950.

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Portrays life in a future time when a totalitarian government watches over all citizens and directs all activities.

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Captivating Classic

This book most certainly deserves status as a classic. It is a warning of what our society could develop into if we do not watch our advances in technology, a reminder of what government can become if we do not watch our human lust for power, a journey to the year of 1984, as Orwell thought it would be. This book is not really a prediction of what the future would be, more a chilling tale of the effects of power and propaganda. 1984 is eloquently written, and straight to the point. The political and social world of 1984 is extremely captivating. This is true literature.

Thought Provoking

A must read dystopian for any reader. The parallels that can be created to today can be chilling at times.


For some reason, I never had to read this one in school but had always wanted to. It's interesting how both conservatives and liberals will pull it out and point to it in their arguments on what's wrong with the world today, and I'd always been curious what the real story was. Really, I can see how it could be argued both ways. The government can be dangerous when it's limiting freedoms, but I think it's the most dangerous depending on who is controlling it. I've never understood why conservatives are so willing to give up freedoms, even to the government, if there's a business behind it, but rabid with fear if it's just the government. It seems like Orwell was writing about Communism or Socialism gone too far (which would make sense and was pretty right on given the time). But what would he think about the way America has turned out today with so much corporate control over our government? The points made about being in perpetual war along with how society always settles back into the hierarchy of low, middle, high were so true, they were pretty depressing. I didn't like the main characters, the plot was sort of predictable, and the love story was contrived and shallow, but those weren't really the points of the story anyway. This book made me wish I had gone into teaching (sort of...) and also that I could sit down and have a conversation with the author today.

Delightfully disturbing distopian

A classic novel about a distopian future in which the government controls everything from marriages to media, and even the past. In this future, 'Big Brother' is always watching, and the Thought Police turn their neighbors, spouses, and parents in to the authorities. In this oppressive world, one man decides to create a future where everyone is free. This is one of the first great distopian novel, full of adultery, deceit, and torture. It is suspenseful from start to finish, all together a great story!

Best book ever

This is my favourite book of all time. I'd recommend it to everyone old and young. Much more eloquent and creative than most of what passes for "literature" today.

Hunger Games, meet your excellent ancestor.

Though I am loving the proliferation of dystopian literature today, I have to say, this one is the father of them all. A classic. Don't wait to read it for school, it's totally scary and awesome.


Deep reminder about the dangers of security and government. It is an amazing, in-depth explanation of what our world could become.

Dark and Wonderful

Epic in message and impact, this book has helped shaped Western perspectives on politics since it came out in the 1940's. While not the book for those looking for happy-endings, it is perfect if you are looking for an in-depth examination of human society and psychology.

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