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  • Published: New York : Ballantine Books, 1970.
  • Year Published: 1970
  • Description: 342 p. ; 18 cm.
  • Language: English
  • Format: Book

Reading Level

  • Lexile: 680

ISBN/Standard Number

  • 0345333926 (pbk.) :
  • 0345293010


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by Niven, Larry.

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Call number: Science Fiction

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Classic Hard SciFi

Niven's ability to whirl together various concepts in a 'what if AND also if BUT FURTHER MORE if' (etc.) as usual, makes for a page turner in terms of action and adventure, but also for ideas that linger and stay with you. Take this to the beach, or give it to a SciFi fan. But before you give it to her or him, read a bit of it yourself and you just may keep a copy and give then a fresh one.

Then again, this is a library listing so forget about buying extra copies, right?

A compelling tale set in an incredibly vivid and imaginative setting!

Louis Wu is celebrating his 200th birthday when a Pierson's Puppeteer, a highly technologically advanced alien race, abducts him and offers him the chance of a lifetime. Pierson's Puppeteers had vanished suddenly many years before. No one knew where the Puppeteers had gone. To see a Puppeteer suddenly re-appear was astonishing, but the reason was even more incredible. The Puppeteers had discovered an artifact. A ring around a star, larger than a million earths. The Puppeteer, named Nessus, needed Louis to lead an expedition to explore the ringworld artifact. Travel with them, the "luckiest girl in the world" Teela Brown, and the giant tiger-like Kzin called "speaker-to-animals" and explore an incredibly immense world to try to learn the secret of the ringworld.

This book leads off a series of ringworld books, and they are quite enjoyable, but the first look at the ringworld is such a thrill. Larry Niven really takes you into his vivid and richly detailed world where strange humanoids have filled some interesting ecological niches. From carrion eating ghouls, to sensual vampires, to the secrets of the girl Hallrloprillalar and her "Machine People".

I highly recommend this book. I have read it several times and still find it enjoyable. Probably my all-time favorite book. Larry Niven has such a "visual" style of writing it allows you to immerse yourself in his world.

Duane B.

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