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The outsiders

by Hinton, S. E.

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Youth level.

The struggle of three brothers to stay together after their parent's death and their quest for identity among the conflicting values of their adolescent society.

Community Reviews

Very Good

I thought that this book was very good, especially since it was written by a high school student around my age. There was plenty of symbolism and many themes in the book that made it interesting and I loved every word of it! I highly recommend this novel!


This is one of my favorite books. It is one of the best books ever. That's all I'm saying.


This book can make someone cry. You learn to love these hoodlum characters struggling through many trials and you start to see that the things they go through every day are real and on a much larger scale than you personally want to believe. Alot of people say it's too violent but honestly that's the world we live in today and this book realistically shows you what goes on in other peoples' lives with a different perspective.

The Outsiders

While this book is a little old fashioned and at times has a unrealistic plot,but the over all message is sweet. This book is a good read for those in middle school.

Page Turning

The outsiders is a thrilling book from the beginning to the end. With many suspencful situations and intense moments I would suggest this book should be read by older children (11-17). This book has a unique plot that has many twists and turns. Even though some scenes were violent this book was a fast, nice read.

a great classic

It was a good book, really sad and confusing, but thats because I read it at such a young age. Now I do and appreciate it

A classic

This is a classic that every teen should read. It is timeless! The conflicts between the Socs and Greasers still ring true today.


awesome book


Recommended for all youth, every teen reads it in school.

Too violent

We had to read this for school, which made me hate it

A book that will stand the test of time

The Outsiders is a book that will stand the test of time and always be read for generations to come. The main theme in this book is finding out where you fit in this crazy world of ours. I loved this book when I first read it for the first time I could see the theme of cliques starting up even in the 50's back then there were only 2 and those were the greasers and the socials. Now in schools there are several more and they are still growing. The other major theme in the book is bulling and still to this day it is a growing problem and I think this book toches on the subject with great tact. So in conclusion this book is a must read for every teenager.

The Outsiders Review

First of all I want to say this book is amazing. It’s filled with action and suspense. Its about Ponyboy a young boy still trying to figure things out. He counts on his brothers Darry and Sodapop and his best friends Johnny and Two-Bit. But when it comes to the Socs a vicious rich kid gang looking to have a good time beating on “Greasers” Ponyboy now knows he can count on them for trouble. But one night someone takes things to far and now Ponyboy and Johnny’s world is turned upside down. This is a must read book for anybody, don’t think its just going to be another boring book because when you start reading it you wont want to put it back down.

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