Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Town Hall Meetings


The City of Ann Arbor invites the public to review and discuss Ann Arbor’s proposed 2007-2008 municipal budget at two upcoming Town Hall Meetings. The meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 4th, at Clague Middle School and Thursday, April 5th, at Slauson Middle School.

Orange Cone Season Returns


And Paving the Way 2007, MDOT's road repair map, will help you locate major road and bridge projects on state roads. The map covers state trunkline (I, M, and US) routes. Separate Detroit and Grand Rapids maps detail construction projects on state roads in these cities. There is also a regularly updated list of lane closures.

Good Listening on Religion and Science

A fabulous interview with Richard Dawkins was broadcast today on NPR's Fresh Air With Terry Gross., in which he talked about his book The God Delusion. Tomorrow the radio show will feature an interview with Francis S. Collins author of The Language of God: A scientist presents evidence for belief. You can dowload Fresh Air as podcasts and listen whenever you want.

April Fools' Day Downtown


This coming Sunday is April Fool's Day and a local artist is not joking when he says there will be a parade downtown. Mark Tucker, a lecturer at UM, is staging FestiFools. He will take over a block on Main between Liberty and William from 4 to 5 p.m. next Sunday April 1 for a parade of puppets.

For more information about FestiFools and the giant dancing puppets, you can send an email to "startproject@umich.edu", call Mark Tucker at
(734) 615-8648 or go online.

Public Open House on Downtown Parking


Stand up (or sit down) and be heard on the future of public parking in downtown Ann Arbor. The public open house will be held Thursday, March 29, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m., 2nd floor, City Hall. City officials are working to develop a long-term parking and access strategy and your ideas and recommendations will greatly enhance the process.

Multi-tasking Can Be Dangerous

Recently I watched a young driver smash her van at about 30 mph into the back of a truck on South Main Street – while chatting happily on her cell phone. So I’m glad to see the New York Times article “Slow Down, Brave Multitasker, and Don’t Read This in Traffic.” The article quotes David Meyer at U-M saying: “Multitasking is going to slow you down, increasing the chances of mistakes. Disruptions and interruptions are a bad deal from the standpoint of our ability to process information.” Today I see there is a correction to the article: “A front-page article yesterday about the limits of multitasking misspelled the surname of a cognitive scientist at the University of Michigan, who said that "'Multitasking is going to slow you down, increasing the chances of mistakes.'" It is David E. Meyer, not Mayer.” I hope that when this name was misspelled, it wasn't because someone was multi-tasking.

Bring on the Bags


Trowels ready, rakes set, gardeners go. City of Ann Arbor weekly curbside collection of residential yardwaste resumes, Monday April 2nd. Need some compost and mulch for your spring planting? The City's Municipal Compost Center is expanding hours to include Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon during gardening season.

Cheap Shots

cheap shots

Embodying a philosophy in its name, the Krappy Kamera Club is hosting an exhibit of decidedly old-fashioned but unique photography. The club members use toy cameras, pinhole cameras, disposable cameras, anything but digital cameras---you get the picture!

Come view their silver-haloid images this weekend. There will be an opening reception on March 23 from 7-10 p.m. (this coming Friday night) at Gallery 4 in the Nickels Arcade (above the Arcade Barbers).

The gallery will be open during the show Thursday and Friday from 3-7p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon-5p.m. and by appointment. This free exhibit will run through April 6, 2007.

For more information on the exhibit and club workshops, contact the Krappy Kamera Club online.

Up-to-the-Minute Government Documents


In the days of yore, libraries waited months, years and sometimes forever for newsworthy documents to arrive from federal and state governments. Now, the Internet has made access almost instantaneous. Late last night, the Bush Administration released thousand of additional pages of emails regarding the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. By 9:00 a.m.today, most of those are available for public review at the U.S. House Judiciary web site. For real-time government in action, watch committee hearings and speeches live on C-Span web site.

Here We Go Round the Roundabout


The City of Ann Arbor is hosting a public workshop on Thursday, March 22, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. to discuss improvements to the Huron Parkway/Nixon Road intersection. The workshop will be held in the Community Room at Parkway Meadows, 2575 Sandalwood Circle. The City will provide information on the proposed roundabout and take questions and comments from the public. For more information on the meeting, call 734.994.6087.

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