Fabulous Fiction Firsts #61

Winner of the prestigious Rómulo Gallegos Prize in 1999, Los detectives salvajes is the first of the author's large body of works to be translated into English as the The Savage Detectives*. (Also in our collection, his short stories Last Evenings on Earth).

This major work by Chilan born Roberto Bolano recounts 17 year-old Juan García Madero's initiation into the militant literary movement started by young poets Arturo Belano (Bolaño's alter ego) and Ulises Lima in the 1970s in Mexico City. The three, with a fugitive prostitute in tow, set out in quest of Mexican poet Cesárea Tinajero, who apparently disappeared in the Sonoran Desert in the 1920s. This road trip spanned a decade, took the travelers to Guatemala, Barcelona, Paris, Israel, Congo, Liberia, and the U.S., and in large part, being told through voices of the people they met along the way.

Humorous and tragic, "Bolano fashions an engrossing lost world of youth and utopian ambition, as particular and vivid as it is sad and uncontainable”. ~ Publishers Weekly . Roberto Bolano died of liver failure at the age of 50 in 2003. Obituary

* = Starred Reviews

Buried wins 2007 Edgar Young Adult Award

Buried spins a tantalizingly creepy web of a high-school senior’s disintegration, told through letters to her absent mother, dream sequences, and flashbacks. Claudine looks after her alcoholic mother in their decrepit trailer on the coast of Maine. She cleans up her vomit, washes her clothes, and takes on the role of parent in their family of two. When her mother disappears, as she frequently does on binges or with a new boyfriend, Claudine worries. Although she attends a support group and has a caring best friend, teachers, and school counselors to turn to, she is clearly coming apart.

Excerpted from Booklist review by Debbie Carton

New French fiction at the library

We just received several new French books including several bestsellers. These will be on the shelf soon and you can put a hold on any title through the library catalog or just look for them on the shelf. If you have any comments or suggestions on French language books (or any other foreign language) please contact stantont@aadl.org.

Marilyn Dernieres Seances by Michel Schneider
Winner of the Prix Interallié 2006. A novel about the unlikely duo of sex godess Marillyn Monroe and her Freudian shrink who was unable to save her in her final days.

Du reve pour les oufs by Faiza Guene
Second novel from the 21 year old literary sensation Guène, author of the bestselling 'Kiffe kiffe demain'. Alhème works odd jobs to support her father, who suffers from injuries due to an industrial accident, and her brother, Foued, who she has raised since their mother's death in Algeria.

Paul Erman, convict-turned-best-selling author, has died

Paul Erman, convict-turned-best-selling author, has diedPaul Erman, convict-turned-best-selling author, has died

Former jailed bank president, Paul Erdman, who used his jail time to frame a new career as a best-selling author focusing on the shadowy world of very wealthy bankers seeking lots of power, has died.

When Erdman’s private bank in Switzerland collapsed in 1970, Erdman used his time to chat with his inmate, a French safecracker. From that conversation came Erdman’s first novel, The Billion Dollar Sure Thing (1973), which won an Edgar in 1974.

Erdman, who also wrote The Panic of ’89 (1986) and The Set-Up (1997), and was 74 when he died April 23rd in California.

Cool !


Supposedly you can’t just create Cool. It just somehow occurs. I don’t know if that’s true but I do know cool when I see it. There’s still time to arrange your schedule to visit the RV rally of the “Tin Can Tourists” group happening May 17 to 20 with all the trailers open for display on Saturday May 19, 2007 from 12 to 4 p.m.. The rally is being held at Camp Dearborn in Milford, Michigan (nominal $3 parks admission unless you have a season pass).

I went last year and was blown away by the trailers I saw. The trailers are from both far and wide in a great variety of shapes, colors and sizes from the 1940’s to recent times(and some special vintage tow vehicles as well}.
Check out their web site at Tin Can Tourists - Vintage Trailer RV Motorhome Coach Club for a lot of information and some neat photos as well.

New Italian books at the library!

We recently received some new popular Italian novels which will be on the shelf soon. Look for them soon or place a hold from the library catalog. If you have any comments or suggestions about Italian language books (or any other foreign language) please e-mail stantont@aadl.org

A Neve Ferma by Stefania Bertola
Emma loves Andrea, but he is engaged to another woman. She seeks consolation in her professional life as a confectioner.

Chi Ha Cancellato Le Macchie Di Rorschach by Nicola D'Amico
The author's first novel...A thriller set in a school near Varese.

Dimenticami by Elena Loewenthal
Viola ends her brief but passionate love affair with Alberto with the words 'Forget me!' But Alberto, though married with two children, cannot forget Viola so easily. It's not just the passion he cannot forget, but her last words that ring in his ears…

Dolci Colline di Sanguine by Mario Spezi and Douglas Preston

New German books at the Library!

We have received several new German books including some bestsellers. Look for them on the shelf soon or put a hold on them in the catalog! If you have any suggestions or comments on German language books (or any other foreign languge) e-mail stantont@aadl.org.

Der blaue Tod by Boris Meyn
Cholera causes havoc in Hamburg of 1892 - however, not every death is a victim of the disease… A historical crime novel.

Wer Lebt, Stirbt by Friedrich Ani

Chief inspector Jonas Vogel is known for his great sense of directions and his capacity to imagine unknown territory. One day, his investigations are interrupted by an accident with serious consequences: he will never be able to see again…

Nacht der Engel by Rosemarie Marschner

Alabama Moon - for Gary Paulsen Fans!

Moon's father trusts no one - particularly the government. Moon and his father live in the forest in an extreme form of off the grid living. Moon has only known a life where they hunt, grow and forage for all of their food, make clothes out of animal hides and have contact with only the owner of a local general store. When Moon's father dies, Moon follows his father's last instructions: to travel to Alaska to find others like themselves. But Moon is soon caught and entangled in a world he doesn't know or understand, apparent property of the government he has been avoiding all his life. Moon encounters constables, jails, institutions, lawyers, true friends, and true enemies - and begins to wonder if his father's way of life is the one he wants to lead... An excellent debut by Watt Key.

Bernard Malamud

Today, April 26 is the birthday of novelist and short story writer, Bernard Malamud who was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1914. The son of Russian Jewish immigrants who owned a grocery store, he was still able to graduate from college in the middle of the Depression. In 1940,
Malamud got a job with the U.S. Census Bureau. After checking drainage ditch statistics, he wrote stories on company time.

During World War II, he was horrified to learn about the Nazi death camps and although not formerly an observant Jew, began to study Jewish history and traditions. These themes became paramount in his work. He also was a great fan of baseball as evident in his highly successful novel about the rise and fall of baseball player, Roy Hobbs in The Natural.

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