Let's Get Digital!

This Saturday, Michael Nagara, a local artist and Sunday Artisan Market regular, will present the process by which he designs his hand-altered digital prints. Nagara creates his work using software similar to that used by animation studios like Pixar and Dreamworks, and he never borrows imagery or manipulates photographs. Besides gleaning some of Michael’s technique, attendees will all get to take home a print signed by the artist.

Thinking about getting digital yourself? The Library owns a number of books on creating digital art, as well as guides to software like Adobe Photoshop. Get inspired on Saturday, and then get started!

Take a Look at These!

As a member of the 2007 Mitten Award committee, I've been going through a lot of new children's books this summer. Choosing the best book of the year is always a hard task. There are so many good titles out there.
Here are a few new ones that I've come across that I've liked. See what you think.

Bryan,Ashley. Let It Shine: Three Favorite Spirituals. The illustrations in this one are amazing. Big, bold flowing colors.
Cook, Sally. Hey, Batta Batta Swing! Illus. by Ross MacDonald. This is a history of baseball that's fun for both fans and non-fans.
Cowell, Cressida. That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown. Illus. by Neal Layton. Emily loves her stuffed rabbit Stanley but the Queen wants it and sends the Army, Navy and Air Force to get it. Oh, dear.
Gutman, Dan. Casey Back at Bat. Paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. We all know that Casey struck out at Mudville. But what happens the next time he's up to bat?
Jenkins, Steve. Dogs and Cats. This is really two books in one. You have to turn the book upside down when you get halfway through it. The dogs and cats meet in the middle of the book . . . "Friends or enemies?"
LaRochelle, David. The End. Illustrated by Richard Egielski. You have to love a story that starts out "And they lived happily ever after." Well, they lived happily because . . .

Waking With Enemies by Eric Jerome Dickey

Waking With Enemies is the ideal sequel to Sleeping With Strangers. Eric Jerome Dickey effortlessly picks up right where Sleeping With Strangers left off--something that sequels rarely do. The sequel answers many questions that were left unanswered in Sleeping With Strangers. EJD provides many unique twists and turns throughout this story. In this fast paced drama, nothing is what it appears to be so it is important to pay attention to all of the little details. Note: in order to fully understand Waking With Enemies you should read Sleeping With Strangers first.

Stargazers, get ready!

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaks in mid-August with many shooting stars visible each hour. The night of August 12 through dawn of August 13, with a new moon- meaning no moonlight, will be one of the best nights for viewing. Since the shooting stars will seem to be emanating from the constellation Perseus, why not beef up your stargazing skills with a few star maps to make sure you're looking in the right spot. Check these out: Simple stargazing : a first-time skywatcher's guide, Atlas of the night sky, A walk through the heavens : a guide to stars and constellations and their legends, Star maps for beginners, Peterson first guide to astronomy. So grab your blanket and find a good spot to watch the sky!

Why the credit hoopla matters to you

The business world has been abuzz lately about the growing credit crisis. Several large subprime lenders have been finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat, as investors are becoming less willing to take on extra risk. And as the Financial Times demonstrates in this nifty interactive map, the problem isn't just in the United States.

So what does this mean for mere mortals like us? Well, if you're planning on buying a home, watch out. People are finding it increasingly difficult to secure mortgages, particularly if they are what the credit industry considers subprime borrowers, i.e. those who might be a bit less likely to pay back their loans. Those of you who already have homes with adjustable rate mortgages may find your rates creeping up as lenders try to recoup their losses.

And what can be done about this? Well, major financial institutions from across the globe are trying to dampen the crisis. The U.S.'s own vaunted Fed is still concerned with inflation, though, so don't count on them to cut interest rates anytime soon. But you can always check out the what's available at your local AADL branch for help. Here are a few resources to help you traverse the increasingly stormy waters of credit and mortgages.

Kid Bits - Share The Yiddish

Oy Vey! Kibbitzers and Fools: Tales My Zayda Told Me by Simms Taback is a very fun collection of brief tales, Yiddish sayings, and colorful illustrations. It's a very nice family shared read. Gey gezundt!

Culture Bits - Share The Princess

The PRINCESS And The PEA has been around for generations. Rachel Isadora has illustrated a brand new version of The Princess And The Pea and she tells the story using iconic African patterns and profiles. It is bee-yoo-tee-ful !!

More new Arabic books!

Here is a selection of new Arabic books at the library. Use the links below to reserve a book or browse the shelves at each branch looking for the "NEW" stickers on each book. The selection is different from branch to branch. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about Arabic books at the library, e-mail stantont@aadl.org. Enjoy!

حالة حصار / Ḥālat ḥiṣār by محمود درويش / Maḥmūd Darwīsh
آداب الزفاف في السنة المطهرة / Adāb al-zafāf fī al-sunnah al-muṭahharah
by محمد ناصر الدين الألباني / Muḥammad Nāṣir al-Dīn al-Albānī
عاشقة فى محبرة / ʻĀshiqah fī miḥbarah by غادة السمان / Ghādah al-Sammān
الباذنجانة الزرقاء / al-Bādhinjānah al-zarqāʼ by ميرال الطحاوي / Mīrāl al-Ṭaḥāwī

New Arabic books at the library

Here is a selection of new adult Arabic books at the library. Use the links below to reserve a book or browse the shelves at each branch looking for the "NEW" stickers on each book. The selection is different from branch to branch. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about Arabic books at the library, e-mail stantont@aadl.org. Enjoy!

خارج المكان / Kharij al-makaan
Edward Said's biography "Out of Place" translated into Arabic.
طيور الجنوب / Tuyur al janub
"Birds of the South", by Amani Abu al Fadl, a prize winning book about the difficulties of the lives of Arabs in the diaspora after 9/11.
تسكع داخل جرح / Tasakkuʻ dākhil jurh by غادة السمان / Ghada al Samman
جدارية محمود درويش / Jidārīyat Maḥmūd Darwīsh
اجملهن: رواية / Ajmalahunna: riwāyah by عبد السلام العجيلي / Abd al-Salām al-ʻUjaylī

New Fiction on the New York Times Best Sellers List (8/12/07)

According to his web site, all of Daniel Silva's books have been bestsellers. His latest Secret Servant is no exception, entering the List at #2. It is the seventh in the series featuring Gabriel Allon, art restorer and part-time Israeli spy. It is this series that launched Silva into the first ranks of spy novelists.

The other new entries are Justice Denied by J.A. Jance and Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde.

Check out the rest of the List.

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