New Spanish books for adults at the library (translated non-fiction)

There are many new Spanish books for adults at the library. There are various books throughout the branches with the selection being different at each branch. Browse the catalog by searching by call number "FLC SPA" or browse the shelves and look for the new stickers on Spanish books.

Popular non-fiction translated into Spanish:
Islam: Pasado y presente de las comunidades musulmanas by John Esposito
A translation of Esposito's "Islam: the straight path", an excellent book on Islam and the Muslim community from one of the foremost experts on Islam.
El malestar en la globalizacion by Joseh E. Stiglitz
A translation of "Globalization and its Discontents", one of the major books on the poor effects of globalization and international aid by the 2001 winner of the Nobel prize for economics.
Las pequenas memorias por Jose Saramago

Redemption in Vermont

In Jeffrey Lent's third book, A Peculiar Grace, Hewitt Pearce, a reclusive metal worker who lives in backwoods Vermont is drawn out of his hermit's existence by Jessica, a troubled waif, who shows up at his door. He then finds out that his lost love, Emily, has recently been widowed. Flashbacks uncover Hewitt's painful family history and time spent under the influence while living in a commune. Hewitt must come to terms with his past while risking a new or rekindled love in the present. Lent is the author of the widely hailed first novel, In the Fall which Library Journal calls "a monumental family narrative."

New Fiction on the New York Times Best Sellers List (7/29/07)

Last week it was the prolific James Patterson making a splash on the List. This week it is the unstoppable Nora Roberts. Another woman in peril faces down her stalker in High Noon. Not to be confused with the movie starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly.

The only other contender for summer beach reading is Killer Weekend by Ridley Pearson.

The entire List can be viewed online.

Fabulous(?) Fiction Firsts #76

If you need a quick dose of breezy chicklit. for the dog days of summer, give Katherine Center's debut novel The Bright Side of Disaster a try. I have it on good authority that it is quite engaging.

Jenny Harris never anticipated single motherhood but when her fiance ran out for cigarette the night she went into labor and never returned, she has her hands full. Things are not all bad though, apart from sleep deprivation, baby worries and the raging hormones... She found new friends in a mommy group and a handsome neighbor with a particular talent with cranky babies. It's too bad that her fiance has a change of heart.


Fantastic Fiction Firsts #75

Alright, I haven't read it yet but the critics are heaping high praise on David Blixt's debut novel The Master of Verona.

This first-time novelist+actor of the Michigan Shakespeare Festival has deep roots in the Ann Arbor Community (see the A2News interview), and will be at Borders Downtown on Wednesday, July 25th at 7 p.m. for a reading and signing.

Set in the Italian Renaissance and populated with such luminaries as Dante (Inferno) and the reimagined Montagues and Capulets, this historical is narrated by Pietro Alighieri, the 17 year-old son of Dante. Amidst the excitement of war between Padua and Verona and the drama of the Paduan court, Pietro witnesses his two best friends, Mariotto and Antonio being pushed to the edge of rekindling an ancient blood feud by their joint love of the same woman.

"Intricate plotting, well-staged scenes and colorful descriptions enhance head-spinning but lively entertainment" ~Kirkus.

"The precipitous ending, marked with dizzying revelations by the protagonists, do nothing to mar a novel of intricate plot, taut narrative, sharp period detail and beautifully realized characters." ~Publishers Weekly

BitTorrent > Scholastic

Now that the potterdammerung surrounding the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has subsided, its publisher, Scholastic, has some debriefing to do. Despite some pretty extensive security, a bonafide copy of the book was released on the peer-to-peer file sharing network BitTorrent several days before the book.

The leaked copy consisted of a digital photograph of every page of the much sought-after volume, a fact that may help Scholastic track down the culprit. Nonetheless, the event is making book publishers wonder if they, like the music recording industry, should worry about internet piracy. Their concerns may grow as the market for ebooks increases, as they may prove just as easy to copy as digital music files.

What do you think? As books are increasingly being digitized, should book publishers be worried about pirates?

A Father Like That by Charlotte Zolotow

A little boy without a father describes how the perfect father would be: He would banish nightmares, play checkers, and speak in a soft low voice even when he was angry in Charlotte Zolotow’s, A Father Like That.

Courtney Crumrin

Not sure what to read now that you've finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (or while you wait for your copy)? Still haven't had your fill of magical creatures and spells? Then Courtney Crumrin might be for you. Courtney's family moves to Hillsborough to care for her eccentric Great Uncle Aloysius and she soon finds that things are not what they seem. Uncle Aloysius is far from decrepit and mysterious creatures are lurking in the nearby forest. Courtney learns that knowledge of witchcraft runs in her family and Uncle Aloysius has plans for her education. Courtney is a bit more pessimistic than Harry, but Ted Naifeh has done a wonderful job of taking the edge off of darker moments by mixing stylized characters (such as cute and noseless Courtney) with some more realistically rendered designs--reminiscent of Arthur Rackham.

Harry is Tops!

Here are some of's Teen Top Sellers and as you might have guessed, Harry is numero uno. All of the HP excitement brings a song to mind, "Check it out now, the funk soul brother..."

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver
and the His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman
The Golden Compass
The Subtle Knife
The Amber Spyglass

Kid Bits - the TAJ MAHAL of India

"Echoing the style of the magnificent manuscripts that chronicle Emperor Shah Jahan's rule" ... the reader is transported to the Mughal era in India and the combined history and legend of one of the world's most famous monuments. Experience this with Taj Mahal for elementary school-age readers/listeners.

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