Road Trip Reads: Showcase Presents Superman

With the current comics industry rushing for mainstream acceptance and critical acclaim, one could almost forget that there was once a time when comics was mostly entertainment for entertainment's sake.

Thankfully, DC Comics has begun releasing their Showcase Presents Library of Classics. In the first volume of Showcase Presents Superman, we're reintroduced to the box-chested Man of Steel as envisioned by Silver Age artists Curt Swan and Stan Kaye. It's unpretentious, over-the-top adventure, featuring villains such as the green-skinned, pink leotard-wearing Braniac, the imperfect duplicate of Superman known as Bizarro, Titano the super-ape, and even Mr. Mxyzptlk (pronounced mix-yes-pit-lick).

At a whopping 500 pages, this volume is perfect for that long road trip and fun for the whole family.

New Arabic Books Available

Coming soon to all locations, new Arabic books for adults. These Arabic books will be marked with "New 7/07" stickers and can be searched for in the catalog by call number. The call numbers range from "FLC ARA 152" to "FLC ARA 191". We hope you enjoy these new books. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about Arabic books or other foreign language books, please contact

A partial listing of new Arabic books:

Suraya bint al ghul by Imil Habibi
al-ʻAdāmah by Turki Hamad
Tāksī: ḥawādīt al-mashāwīr by Khālid al-Khamīsī
Bayna al-qaṣrayn by Naguib Maḥfouz
Sarīr al-gharībah: shiʻr by Maḥmūd Darwīsh
Qamar ʻalá Samarqand by Muḥammad al-Mansī Qandīl

Much ado about black swans

Fans of quirky business books, rejoice! In the vein of Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point and Blink and James Surowiecki's The Wisdom of Crowds comes Nassim Taleb's The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable. The title already ranks #2 on Amazon's business bestseller list.

Like Gladwell and Surowiecki's thought-provokers, The Black Swan starts with a simple concept - that big, society-altering events are unpredictable - and shows how this concept affects business, history, and predicting the vagaries of the market. Not surprisingly, things like markets and history don't move in easy-to-spot patterns, so we have to come to expect the unexpected.

Also, check out The Long Tail author Chris Anderson's thoughts on

Czezlaw Milosz

Today, June 30, is the birthday of poet, Czselaw Milosz who was born in Lithuania in 1911. His family eventually settled in Poland. After studying law in college, Milosz worked for a Polish radio station but was fired when he let Jews broadcast their opinions on the air. He also worked for another radio station where he covered the invasion of Poland by the Nazis in 1939. While working as a janitor at a university, he began to secretly write anti-Nazi poetry. His first book of poems, Rescue, was about the mass killing of Jews in Warsaw. After the war, he moved to Paris and then to the U.S. where he taught at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1980, he received the Nobel Prize for literature.

Following is one of his poems:

A Task

The Play Ground

The Play GroundThe Play Ground

"Death of a Salesman": U-M Turner Geriatrics Center.
Every Wednesday (except July 4) until July 18 seniors are invited to take a part in a group reading of this classic Arthur Miller play. Participants get a copy of the script to take home. Turner Senior Resource Center, 2401 Plymouth Rd. $4. Preregistration required. 998-9353.
10 a.m.-noon.

A pleasant walk across the falls

On June 30, 1859, Charles Blondin, a French acrobat and aerialist whose real name was Jean Francois Gravelet walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. The crowd was estimated at more than 25,000. He walked across the Falls several other times, once blindfolded, another time carrying a wheelbarrow, once carrying a man on his back and even once on stilts. Blondin was born February 28, 1824 in St. Omer, France.

Books into Movies

Looking for a way to pass the time in the hot summer months? Try reading one of the books recently turned into a movie. Some of the options include The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maughaum, Casino Royale by Ian Fleming, A Good Year by Peter Mayle, Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, The Good German by Jospeph Kanon, and Little Children by Tom Perrotta. When you finish, watch their movie counterparts and decide which is better!

This is New York by M. Lasek

Every page of this book has an exciting fact about the greatest city in the world, New York City, (I'm not just saying this because I am a native New Yorker). This book was first published in 1960 but has been updated. From the biggest things in New York to the smallest, this book has all the fun and flavor of the city.

New Fiction Titles on the New York Times Best Sellers List (7/1/07)

Stephen King is at it again (and again). Years ago he wrote a few books under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman (in a rock n roll nod to the Bachman Turner Overdrive). Blaze is a revision of one of those books, written back before his alias "died" 22 years ago.

The only other new addition is Double Take by Catherine Coulter.

Click here for the entire List.

Kid Bits - A Taste Of Culture

There is a NEW series of books that are all about food within cultures of the world. With colorful photos, and plenty of information you can find out about the kinds of foods eaten, preparation, and what foods symbolize within cultures. A few titles in "The Taste Of Culture" series are Foods Of Mexico ... think chocolate and guacamole! Foods of Vietnam ... think mooncakes and pho and chicken during Tet. Foods Of Iran ... think lamb kebabs and "promise soup" known as ask (awsh). Foods Of Russia ... think beef stroganoff and Ukrainian Easter eggs. Yumm!

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