PreK Bits - "O" is for Only One

One is where you begin.
O is for one.
Ms. Rachel began with ONCE AROUND The BLOCK … a story about what to do while waiting … because waiting is hard to do ... for Beatrice.
Ms. Sara and Ms. Rachel led the action song "Walk, Walk, Walk ... Until We stop" which is sung by Raffi on the CD RISE & SHINE and by the Bartkowiak's on the CD HONK HONK RATTLE RATTLE.
SOUP FOR ONE … is perfect for one bug, ... at least until one (and one, and one ...) more arrive.

For more stories that begin with one, try the following favorites:
ONE BIG BUILDING ... begins with one big machine.
ONE DUCK STUCK … who will help?
ONE TWO THAT’S MY SHOE … counting one to ten with a puppy.
ONCE UPON A TIME, THE END … one imaginative bedtime story.
ONCE UPON AN ALPHABET … where every letter gets its own story.
YOU ARE (NOT) SMALL …. settling a bet once and for all.
ONCE UPON A MEMORY … a gentle journey of growth.
ONE WORD FROM SOPHIA ... sophia uses too many words until she finds the perfect "one".

PreK Bits - "K" is for kangaroos and Katy

Ms. Rachel brought baby kangaroos to Storytime.
POUCH! has two baby kangaroos who are uncertain whether ‘tis better to be inside or outside mama's pouch.
Mr. Beau DeLoach played guitar while Ms. Rachel led the music & motion to "Walk, walk, walk ... until we stop!".
You can do this song with Raffi from the CD RISE And SHINE
KATY NO-POCKET was born without a pouch. Her baby Freddy keeps getting left behind. Katy sets out to solve the problem.

For more famous kangaroo stories try these favorites:
Boing ... boing ... boing ... boing.

Ann Rule, true crime writer dies

Ann Rule: WriterAnn Rule: Writer
Ann Rule, true crime writer of over 30 books and numerous magazine articles, passed away Sunday. She was most famous for her book, The Stranger Beside Me, about the serial killer, Ted Bundy, who was also her co-worker at a Seattle suicide hotline. She was born Ann Stackhouse in Lowell, Michigan in 1930 or 1931. As an adult she moved to Washington and became an officer in the Seattle Police Department. She came from a family with law enforcement and criminal justice backgrounds, both her grandfather and uncle were police officers in Michigan, her cousin was a Prosecuting Attorney and another uncle was the Medical Examiner. As a child, she would often visit her grandparents in Stanton, Michigan where she helped her grandmother prepare meals for prison inmates. Her life-long interest in the prison system and criminal behavior, as well as her career in law enforcement, helped to shape her into the writer she was to become.

PreK Bits - Stories-To-Go Kits

Recently Launched!
10 new STORIES-TO-GO themes have just been launched.
These pre-selected kits are especially for families, childcare centers, preschools, classrooms, home schools with kids ages 2-7 years old.

The new themes are as follows:
FRIENDS How do you know you have a friend?
FAMILIES Who’s in your family?
OCCUPATIONS What do people do all day?
WORLD CULTURES A variety of world cultures are represented.
SAFETY TOWN Safe behaviors start young.
MAPS Maps and mapping activities are fun and interesting.
GRIEF When a pet or a person dies, how do you work out the grief?
DIVORCE When families separate, how do things work out?
POTTY TIME When it is time to consider using the potty.
HUMAN BODY What makes your body work?
The complete Stories-To-Go collection can be browsed here.

PreK Bits - "G" is for Girls, Goats and Gunniwolf

Ms. Rachel told stories that had names that started with the letter "G" ... as in "Grubb" and "Gunniwolf".

The THREE SILLY GIRLS GRUBB is a re-tell of The THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF. Three little girls skip over the bridge off to school. They missed the school bus. They had jelly donuts in their lunch boxes ... and someone is under the bridge.
Ms. Sara accompanied Ms. Rachel and the goat limberjack on a floating trip "Down The River" ... where you "can't jump", and you "can't turn around."
The "Jump Josie" song can be heard on the recording DANCE PARTY: movin' and groovin' songs for young children.
Then we went with a little girl to pick flowers for Mama ... until ... The GUNNIWOLF appeared !!

Here are a variety of re-tells. Be sure to get one of the traditional tells too:
The tale is told traditionally The THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF by Janet Stevens and by Paul Galdone.
Get Rabbit Ears: The THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF If you would like to watch the tale told on DVD.
The THREE CABRITOS is a Tex-Mex version told by by Eric Kimmel.
THREE SILLY BILLIES is a diverted version told by Margo Palatini.
THREE TRICERATOPS TUFF is a dinosaur version told by Stephen Shaskan.
You still need to deal with who is under the bridge !

Gorgeous New Country-Rock: Traveller

Chris Stapleton’s first solo album, Traveller, has earned critical acclaim, particularly from NPR Music. Featured on NPR earlier this month, Traveller has now been ranked in the top 25 albums of 2015 so far by the organization. I think this honor is more than well-deserved! Stapleton’s story is a fascinating one. Born and raised in Kentucky, Stapleton dropped out of college and was driving an ice truck and playing music locally in the evenings. After encouragement from friends and fellow musicians passing through, Stapleton finally bit the bullet and moved to Nashville, where he began working as a songwriter for artists like Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan and Darius Rucker. One of the first songs that he wrote, “Nobody’s Fool,” was ultimately recorded by Miranda Lambert. Stapleton also lent his voice as backing vocals to many songs, but couldn’t seem to break out on his own as a solo act. He even recorded an entire album a few years ago, but his label declined to release it.

Traveller is the result of his final chance in the studio—or rather, what likely would have been his final chance if Traveller had proved a lesser album. Morgan Hayes, Stapleton’s wife, who sings harmony on the album, says that she can tell that Traveller came from a “deeper place” inside of Stapleton. The songs focus on common country themes: heartbreak, homesickness and hangovers, but the lyrics are well-crafted and, to borrow a line from one of the cover tracks, “as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.” Traveller is truly a beautiful album, and worth a listen even for those who don't usually enjoy country music.

PreK Bits - "F" is for farm

Ms. Rachel led folks all around the farm in Preschool Storytime.
First ... GOLLY GUMP SWALLOWED A FLY. This title is out of print. A staff story copy remains. Fortunately, you can use your AADL card to borrow from another library through melcat.
Ms. Sara played the banjo today. We sang OLD Mac DONALD HAD A WOODSHOP. We used tools (including all of the sounds!) to create a play farm.
During The THREE LITTLE PIGS, the pigs left the farm to build their own homes.
Remember how to handle the wolf !!

For more classic farm fun try the following titles:
MR GUMPY’S MOTOR CAR and MR GUMPY’S OUTING both by John Burnigham.
LITTLE APPLE GOAT … a story of sewing seeds.
ROSIE’S WALK by Pat Hutchins. Rosie sets out from the coop for a walk around the barnyard. Beware of the fox.
The TOMTEN And The FOX by Astrid Lindgren. A tomten protects the hen house from the night visits of the fox.
THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOED A FLY another version of the song by Simms Taback.
Here is a DVD that includes the same book.
The BIG RED BARN by Margaret Wise Brown

For more silly tales and re-tells try the following:
The THREE LITTLE PIGS by James Marshall.
The DAY JIMMY’S BOA ATE The WASH by Trinka Hakes Noble.
CLICK CLACK MOO: Cows That Type a first story of collective cow disobedience by Doreen Cronin.
BARNYARD SONG by Rhonda Gowler Greene.
The THREE LITTLE WOLVES And The BIG BAD PIG … a re-tell by Eugene Trivizas.
The TRUE STORY Of The THREE LITTLE PIGS as told from the wolf’s point of view. This is a modern classic by Jon Scieszka.
Try the 2002 Caldecott winner The THREE PIGS by David Wiesner, where the pigs escape the wolf by entering the fantasy world of nursery rhymes.

Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance

Aziz Ansari is one of this generation’s most beloved comedic voices and his new book, Modern Romance, combines his irreverent humor with in-depth social science to offer readers a funny, relevant and informative tour of the modern dating world.

Dating has definitely gotten more complicated in the past decade or two, with the invention of social media, countless new modes of communication, unusual new venues to meet people, and, perhaps the most complex (and some would argue, the most useful!) of all, emojis. Ansari himself felt overwhelmed at times trying to navigate the complexity of the present-day romantic world, as have many of the rest of us. He shares stories of his own experiences in Modern Romance, but what’s particularly interesting is the fact that he teamed up with NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg to design and execute a massive research project conducted throughout the world with the aid of many other leading social scientists. The study includes focus groups, interviews, online message forums, and more, and the results of it are detailed in Ansari’s book.

The combination of Ansari’s own experiences and those of his friends, and the unique research results presented by him and Klinenberg make Modern Romance a truly unique—and important—read.

You can also try the audiobook version, read by Ansari himself.

2015 Summer Reading Lists

Let's start with The New York Times Cool Books for Hot Summer Days.

Female Literati Pick Summer's Best Books, 11 top women novelists share their favorite warm-weather reading choices, among them : Nell Freudenberger, Meg Wolitzer, Lily King, Miranda July, Adelle Waldman, and Maggie Shipstead. If you recognize these names, you like Women's Fiction. Well, here is The Huffington Post's recommendations to get you started for the summer.

And for the Romance reader: Romance for the Real Girl.

Speaking of style... Vogue's Megan O'Grady shares This Summer's Best Beach Reads.

Want to know what I'll be packing in my beach bag? 17 Of The Best Books Of Summer 2015.. Don't want to miss out? Hurry and put reserves on these early summer releases.

And finally, the 2015 edition of the UC Berkeley Summer Reading List for New Students. It offers a potluck of great suggestions from the faculty. "Is this required reading? Absolutely not. Do we hope you'll find something on this list that appeals to you? Absolutely yes."

And you know Summer Game 2015 is HERE, don't you?

PreK Bits - "D" is for Driving

You have to be careful when you drive.
There are consequences.
Ms. Rachel told two stories about driving.
The first story was a cautionary tale ... DON’T LET The PIGEON DRIVE The BUS by Mo Willems. You probably already know why.
Ms. Sara accompanied the song "Wheels On The Bus" while Ms. Rachel led the motions.
You can hear “Wheels On The Bus” on the CD HONK HONK RATTLE RATTLE
Ms. Rachel tried to teach a driving lesson, just like the book IN The DRIVER’S SEAT.
The library no longer owns a circulating copy of the book but you can request this title from MelCat Michigan Electronic Library, using your AADL card.

If you want to continue on this theme, try the following titles:
MOO! by David LaRochelle
MITCHELL’S LICENSE by Hallie Durand.
AXLE ANNIE And The SPEED GRUMP by Robin Pulver.
MILES To GO by Jamie Harper.
RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT by Anastasia Suen.
LET'S GO For A DRIVE by Mo Willems
Remember to adjust your mirrors when you take the driver's seat!
Also use your turn signal lights.

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