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Total Eclipse of the Heart...

The drama continues in the third book in the vampire/werewolf, love triangle series by Stephenie Meyer. Following the first two titles, Twilight and New Moon, Eclipse picks up where we left Bella, Edward and Jacob - with more drama, high romance and Bella still grappling with when to become one of the undead. The BIG NEWS is that the series has been optioned for a film and now has a director - the fabulous Catherine Hardwicke of Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown fame. It's nice to know that someone that really *gets* the material and can deliver an authentic story will be at the helm.

AADL-GT Round 1 results: Us in Front

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The 2007 AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season is off to an awesome start after last weekend's season opener, and it's clear that the Clan landscape is shaping up to be tougher than ever with the emergence of Superclans Us and the Brothers of Maplewood. While the BOM dominated the first Clan Battle of the season, Us is still in first place after dominating many of the days events and still taking 2nd place in the Clan Battle. Read on for full Round 1 details.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is a manga and anime series that pokes fun at many of the shojo conventions that we’ve come to know and love. Haruhi, our protagonist, is a poor but brilliant scholarship student at Ouran Academy, a high school for the ultra-wealthy. When Haruhi accidentally breaks a costly vase belonging to the popular--but peculiar--host club, the club’s members decide that Haruhi will have to work off the debt by serving as their gopher.

Introducing the Official AADL-GT Podcast!

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AADL-GT is Ann Arbor District Library's Videogame Tournament Series for all ages. Our biggest series is the Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season, which runs August - December and is about to enter its fourth annual season.

In this premiere episode of the AADL-GT podcast, AADL-GT veteran and color commentator 'Major' Tom Coveney talks about some of the changes in the upcoming season and visits with AADL Teen Librarian Elizabeth Schneider and AADL Software Developer Eric Klooster.

If you'd like to create your own AADL-GT podcast, contact us and you can send us your file, or make an appointment to use our podcasting studio. We'll then add your podcast to our feed where anyone can subscribe to it.


Her Majesty’s Dog

Transfer students Amane and Hyoue are mystifying their new classmates with their odd-couple romance. She’s a social misfit; he’s the hottest guy in school. But the truth is that Amane’s a powerful medium, and Hyoue isn’t human at all: he’s her guardian spirit, a demon-dog, whose powers are literally fueled by her kiss. Read Her Majesty’s Dog, the manga series by Mick Takeuchi, to follow their adventures in subduing vengeful spirits, bringing peace to the dead, and surviving high school. After all, as Amane’s finding out, all the magical power in the world can’t help her navigate the ins and outs of high school social life!

Human strays?

Ted prefers animals to humans; animals "never lie," and unlike the kids at school, he understands them. When Ted loses his parents in a car accident, he particularly identifies with strays--after all, as a foster kid, that's what he is. Ted lands in a new home, where his basic needs are met by fair but semi-dysfunctional foster parents and where he coexists with Astin, his older roommate, and C. W., who has had 19 placements in six years.

He’s having pretty much the worst year of his miserable life. Or so he thinks. Is it possible that becoming an orphan is not the worst thing that could have happened to him? Try Strays by Ron Koertge. (taken from the Booklist review by Krista Hutley)

An A+ Audiobook

Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic regardless of the year or the season. Sissy Spacek is the narrator of the 2006 audiobook version, and her Southern lilt and range of emotion brings the characters to life. This classic court case will keep you driving around the block or running extra miles tuned into the story.

DDR, Super Smash, Mario Party and more; now with PODCASTING!

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OK, guys, it's time for the start of the 4th Annual AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash championship season! Round 1 is just days away, but first, we've got something new that you may be interested in: the AADL-GT Podcast studio. We're producing a short podcast about the next season, and this Tuesday, August 21, from 3-5 PM, you can come to the downtown library and find out how to produce your own AADL-GT Podcast! Maybe you want to make your predictions for the season; maybe you want to do a monthly podcast about your clan and its prowess. Maybe you want to take your trash talk to the next level... or maybe you'd like to discuss the subtleties of smash attacks. You tell us! Come to get familiar with the tools on Tuesday, and then make a studio appointment to record your podcast. We'll then publish your podcasts here on where anyone can subscribe to your show. See you there!

But, that's not all. We'll warm up for the start of the season in the Downtown Library Multipurpose Room with an All-Ages Dance Dance Revolution Tournament, Friday Night, 8/24 from 6-8:45 PM. We'll then have Super Smash Double Dash Round 1 for grades 6-12, Saturday, 8/25, from Noon - 5 PM, and then something new: an All-ages Mario Party tournament, Sunday, 8/26, from 1-4 PM. So, get registered, get your clan together for the start of the clan season, and we'll see you at the events!

Can you J-pop?


How does one distill the collected culture of a highly complex, varied society, whilst simultaneously wrapping it in a commercially viable bundle for export to mostly middle class Americans? Simple: J-pop! Intrigued by the phenomenon, we've just added several musical artists for your perusal, including Mr. Children and Hikaru Utada. So let us know what you think: Do you love it, hate it, want more of it, need someone to tell you what the "J" stands for? Here's a complete list of new discs in the collection.

Ceres Celestial Legend

On their sixteenth birthday, twins Aki and Aya receive a most unusual gift from their grandfather: a mummified hand! The hand causes painful wounds to appear on Aki’s body—and awakens a mysterious power that’s been sleeping in Aya. Can Aya control her new power, even while her grandfather is plotting to eliminate her? Read the original manga or watch the anime tv adaptation to get the answer.

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