AXIS: Info for Teens 12-18.

College Night - Monday, September 17

Choosing the college, writing the essays, preparing for the tests… it all gets a little overwhelming. Where do you start? Right here at the Downtown Library on Mon., Sept. 17 at 6:30 pm! John Boshoven, college prep counselor at Community High, and Deb Merion, founder of Essay Coaching, will be joined by performance coach Dr. Geraldine Markel at this event for teens and parents. They’ll cover it all, so bring your questions!

Wicked Lovely...

Lovers of fairies, and romance - mixed with some wickedness and ancient magical battles will eat up the new book, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Seventeen year old Aislinn, who has the rare ability to see faeries, is drawn against her will into a centuries-old battle between the Summer King and Winter Queen, and the survival of her life, her love, and summer all hang in the balance. Check out all of the other great books on Fairies that AADL owns.

Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump Magazines

SJ coverSJ cover

Do you hate waiting for the next volume of your favorite manga? You can get an early look at new chapters of some of Viz’s manga series in the magazines Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump. Available at all library locations, these magazines serialize select manga series and also feature articles on anime, Japanese pop culture, and videogaming. Both have shuffled their lineups lately; click the “read more” link to get a look at what’s currently available in them.

Ninja Power

american ninjaamerican ninja

Economics major, Colin Bell, can now add master of the American Ninja Challenge to his list of accomplishments. He says that his construction job has given him the training he needs to get in shape. If you have similar aspirations, you might try checking out anything from the publisher, 'Human Kinetics' One specific title Functional Training for Sports may help assess your current strength and design a program to improve your power and quickness. Another Ninja hero, of the Graphic Novel sort, is Naruto a hero who must pass difficult tests to enter the Ninja Academy. Whatever your preference; stay strong.

ACT/SAT Test Practice on Thursday, September 6

Taking the ACT or SAT soon? LearningExpressLibrary can help you get ready. Join us 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the Pittsfield Computer Training Center and take an e-practice test.

Player Podcast: The Savages on Balance

AADL-GT Pad Logo

Here's a provocative podcast, produced by longtime tournament regulars [gtplayer:143] (Level 43) and his brother [gtplayer:146] (Level 41), called the AADL-GT Forum. In this episode, they talk about balance, make some excellent suggestions, and air some well-reasoned gripes. Check it out! Don't forget, if you want to produce your own podcast to be published here, or come in and use our podcast studio, just let me know at eli at


Total Eclipse of the Heart...

The drama continues in the third book in the vampire/werewolf, love triangle series by Stephenie Meyer. Following the first two titles, Twilight and New Moon, Eclipse picks up where we left Bella, Edward and Jacob - with more drama, high romance and Bella still grappling with when to become one of the undead. The BIG NEWS is that the series has been optioned for a film and now has a director - the fabulous Catherine Hardwicke of Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown fame. It's nice to know that someone that really *gets* the material and can deliver an authentic story will be at the helm.

AADL-GT Round 1 results: Us in Front

AADL-GT Pad Logo

The 2007 AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season is off to an awesome start after last weekend's season opener, and it's clear that the Clan landscape is shaping up to be tougher than ever with the emergence of Superclans Us and the Brothers of Maplewood. While the BOM dominated the first Clan Battle of the season, Us is still in first place after dominating many of the days events and still taking 2nd place in the Clan Battle. Read on for full Round 1 details.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is a manga and anime series that pokes fun at many of the shojo conventions that we’ve come to know and love. Haruhi, our protagonist, is a poor but brilliant scholarship student at Ouran Academy, a high school for the ultra-wealthy. When Haruhi accidentally breaks a costly vase belonging to the popular--but peculiar--host club, the club’s members decide that Haruhi will have to work off the debt by serving as their gopher.

Introducing the Official AADL-GT Podcast!

AADL-GT Pad Logo

AADL-GT is Ann Arbor District Library's Videogame Tournament Series for all ages. Our biggest series is the Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season, which runs August - December and is about to enter its fourth annual season.

In this premiere episode of the AADL-GT podcast, AADL-GT veteran and color commentator 'Major' Tom Coveney talks about some of the changes in the upcoming season and visits with AADL Teen Librarian Elizabeth Schneider and AADL Software Developer Eric Klooster.

If you'd like to create your own AADL-GT podcast, contact us and you can send us your file, or make an appointment to use our podcasting studio. We'll then add your podcast to our feed where anyone can subscribe to it.


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