9th Annual AADL LEGO Contest and Awards Ceremony Slideshow

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August 7, 2014 at Kensington Court


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Did you attend the 9th Annual AADL LEGO Contest? Take a look at our highlight reel and see what you missed. Then start planning your own project for next year's contest--or just remember to mark your calendar to go and check out all of the amazing LEGO creations that will be there!

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AADL 9th Annual LEGO Contest!
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Lego slideshow

Cheers for putting this together and posting! It looks like such a cool event. Glad those of us who couldn't make it out got to see this!


So fun to see the faces of the kids. Thanks for the video.

So awesome

So good to see !

Thank you!

Thank you for putting together a video for those of us who couldn't attend this event! Of course, I imagine that the reality was even more exciting- I will definitely try to attend next year.


The LEGO contest was really awesome this year, and I'm so glad I can share a video of it with my relatives from out of town who wanted to see photos from it. Thank you for being awesome, AADL!

Thank you

Thank you for posting the video! We were sorry to miss this this year.


Thanks for putting together this great slideshow video, what a great event! Looking forward to the 10th annual Lego Contest next year!