Old Sign Uncovered on Municipal Court Building

Old Sign Uncovered on Municipal Court Building
Caption: Past Reappears: Catching the eye of many persons in the Huron-Main Sts. Area is this "Savings Bank Block" sign cut into stone on the side of a building at the northwest corner of the streets. The original sign, at least part of it, was revealed when the "Municipal Court Building" sign was removed in connection with remodeling of the building. Missing from the original sign is a top line that read, "Ann Arbor." The building once was the location of the former Ann Arbor Savings Bank, which was merged into the present Ann Arbor Bank. Banking in the building ended in 1936.

Article Keywords: Architecture, Gregory House, Masonic Block, Municipal Court Building, Savings Bank Block
Places: 104 W Huron St
Photographer: Eck Stanger
Date: August 1963

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It's so great when the original features are still intact underneath newer facades. It looks to be in pretty good condition too!