It's All Write - All Submissions 2016

496 submissions were accepted in the three grade categories - Middle School, Grades 9th/10th and Grades 11th/12th. The following are all the students and the work they submitted for this year's It's All Write Contest. The winning stories and finalists can be viewed here.

"Renegade of the Songbirds - A Testimony in Four Parts" "The Mirage Boy " "The Mark"
"Once a Promise, Always A Promise" "Broken Wings" "The Spirit in the Hat"
"Nicotine" "Forced to Kill" "The Babysitter"
""The Let Down"" "The Ministry " "Prohibited Penmanship "
"So Called Wretched Appearance" "Mind Over Money" "The Fight For Freedom"
"Crime Report" "I Love You" "The Flight"
"The Girls in me" "Step Away" "Precious Smiles"
"The Truth of an individual" "A Little More Red" "A Slowed Campaign "
"Loving like Angels & Sinning like Devils" "Corner Store Girl " "Wasteland"
"How I Almost Married My Dishwasher" "Escaped" "Awoken"
"Visions With Trump" "Dulce de Leche" "The Weariness of Life and Death"
"The Lost Girl" "Change" "Change"
"Unprecedented" "This Light of Mine" "On Our Own"
"The Gratifiers" "Who Am I? " "The Count"
"Hiraeth" "Silly Alice" "His Sister"
"Instincts" "Five Years Gone By" "To Desire The Sky"
"What Remains" "Until It's Gone" "The Hero"
"My Biggest Score: a Thief Reminiscence" "Gaia's Wrath" "Pitcher in the Rain"
"The Time Traveling Knight" "The Tragic Romance" "The World Hack"
"Just Another Weak Human" "The Girl in the Man's Hand" "Creature or Captain"
"Liar, Liar" "Francesca" "For Jess' Concern For Me"
"Hidden" "Hampstead House" "Don't Reject Me"
"Nine Fifteen " "The Fall" ""Now You See Me""
"California Shoes of Fame" "A Story from the Shoes" "Circus Terror"
"Devil in Wool" "Ungiven Closure " "Nullset"
"Over the Fence" "Why, Strawberry Blonde?" "A Boy and A Girl"
"Averted Accident" "The Mobster's Dollar" "Schizophrenic Issues"
"Holding Back Tears " "Skyline" "The Order of Crowes"
"Of Grief and Water" "What A Broken Elevator Can Do To You" "How I Twisted a Tale"
"The Tree of Life" "A Walk" "A Trip To Space"
"Poor Shannon" "The Sun and the Skies" "Princess and a General"
"Falling in Love with the 23rd" "The Terrors" "Two-Sided "
"The Short Man Who Saved My Life" "Along For the Ride" "18 and older"
"To Speak of Rose in Vain" "Dear Mr. Goodell..." "I Don't Know What's Happening"
"What's Next?" "Looking Up" "Definitely"
"Excitatio in Terra " "Where am I? " "The Death"
"Future Trailer " "Semper Fidelis" "Whispering"
"A Fragment of the Past" "Windy City FC" "Now and Forever "
"Star Fighters" "Under the Sidewalk" "Wintervale"
"Whispering" "Joanna" "A Second Chance"
"The Run " "A License to Live" "Secrets"
"From Me To You, Wherever You Are" "The Cottage Killing " "Life Death and Mountain Lions"
"Your eyes" "Ballpark" "The Fatal Flaw"
"Rust" "Don't Slip" "Mo Money, Mo Problems"
"Finding Civilization" "Mama Loves You" "The Silver Dragon"
"Not A Savior" "Soulmates" "Where we belong"
"The Old Ones" "My Father's Memories" "Goodbye Clementine "
"A Ruse for a Reporter" "Those Broken Dreams" "The Dreamer"
"Of Pachyderms and Predators" "Hope" "In Plain Sight"
"Snow" "A Twist of the Watch" "A Home at Last"
"Can You Hear Me" "The threats from my phone." "God of the Living"
"Worry on the Waves" "Help" "A Wildflower Mirror"
"The Checkup " "The Mountain" "Ignorance Is Bliss"
"A New Beginning" "Fast Flyers" "Bubbles"
"The Bomb Survival " "A Bittersweet Halloween" "Boyfriend Troubles and Lasagna"
"The invisible story" "An everlasting nightmare" "Melted Polar Bears"
"The Omen" "Famous" "The New Girl Takes Over"
"Forever" "The Unfortunate Surprise" "The Unusual Proposal"
"Opportunities" "Grandfather's Last Wish" "A Promise"
"Fast Flyers" "Woodside Prep." "It Was Bound to Happen"
"Four Seam" "Interrogated" "Dominoes"
"My Definition of a Friend" "The Journal" "Ashes"
"Jade's Rain" "Dragon Tracks" "Alone"
"Bird Girl" "Footsteps" "A Glimpse"
"The Unlikely Team" "The Walls that Hold Us In" "Convinced"
"2199" "Amongst my Thoughts of Luna Valentina " "The Life Gauntlet"
"Simply Gold" "The Swamp Bully" "Phoenix"
"A Brighter Shade 2" "Kindness is Everybody's Religion" "The Scary Night"
"Secrets and Lies" "Belonging" "The Little League Cheater"
"Perishable" "K-9 Connection" "Island Base 3"
"The Eucalyptus Girl" "The Squirrels" "The Boat"
"The Book That got Around" "Nazi Zombies" "Don't Underestimate Older People"
"Golden Arm" "The Little Green Book" "One Summer"
"The Shadow" "The Mysterious Town" "Canine oddysey"
"Deal With It" "Sky and I " "Nearly There"
"With Grace" "Encircle" "Memories "
"The criminals " "the kidnapper " "The decision "
"Alone" "Back To The Begining " "Cali Morrison's trip to Neverland"
"Together Forever" "Accused" "No Words"
"Demons come out" "Into the Light" "Under My Wing "
"Bangles" "Where Did She Go" "Nothing Good Ever Happens When the Phone Rings"
"The Cage" "A Sahara Palm Tree" "Even if the Sky Shimmers"
"In Those Minutes" "Hallelujah " "Father's Favorite"
"26 Letters" "Treasure Hunters" "What Happened To the Bluegill from the Huron River"
"The Uninvited Guest" "Ghosts In the Shadows" "My biggest dream"
"Letters to Heaven" "The Case of the Missing Collar" "Treating Leads to Tricking"
"Troubling Times" "A Strange Christmas" "A Taxi, An Old Enemy, And Valentines' Day"
"The Gifts" "Confusion in the Blinds" "Elevation"
"Beyond The Stars" "In the Midst" "Make it Home"
"The Story of a Blind Foal" "Cocoa Crisis" "Ashes To Ashes"
"Emily" "The True Anisha" "The Morning That Lasted 16 Years"
"The Day My Mother Came Back" "Recipe for Kindness" "The Red Carnation"
"The Chamber of the Dead" "The One and Only Gracie" "Four"
"Red and White " "Frost" "The Warehouse"
"Friendship Through Basketball" "Unbound" "One Shot"
"Wednesday" "A Grilling Legend" "The Night of Iniquity "
"Hawthorn Tree" "Mother Knows Best, Even in Death" "Last Minute Journey"
"The Prey" "Family Values" "Hurt "
"Ashed" "Lock's Wasteland" "The Constant "
"The Choice" "Tattoos and Anger Management" "Hooking The Masses"
"WITH A GRAIN OF SAND" "Guardian Angel" "Act Casual: The Jessie Falcon Adventures #1"
"What's on the Bad-Wet Water" "12th Street" "Stalking Angels"
"Coming Out" "Intergalactic Turmoil" "Following the Lines"
"Subtlety" "Tasting Winter" "Shattered, But Still Whole"
"Come With Me" "I've Got a Better One" "How He Loves Me"
"This Atelier " "Unforeseen Secrets" "The Split Equation"
"Friends are Forever" "Jimmy" "Late, Bound for London"
"Migration to Russia" "The Blacksmith of Tinworth" "Leviathan"
"Stairway to the Sky" "Egg Islands" "Pregnant"
"Withdrawal " "Twelve Days, Twelve Nights" ":Lens"
"Who Is Mark?" "An Enchanted Lilac Forest" "Lizards Who Expel Their Sticky Tongues Like Fishing Line"
"The Unknown Death" "Just Be Happy" "Thin Realities "
"Over and Over Again" "Too Young to Help But Not to Starve" "What It means to be Clean"
"Pieces" "Colors of Our Lives" "The Dance with the Dead"
"Black Coffee Poetry " "Deserta " "Too Much"
"Agoraphobia" "The Storm" "Just Keep Talking"
"It Was Always Too Late" "Kora's Song" "The Hollow Skull"
"Wintermint Gum " "Strung Along" "Going Nowhere"
"Communion Season" "La Negrita" "The House In Between"
"Six Words for Love " "Verbindung im München" "Inner Asylum"
"Afterthought" "Vampires Suck (A Lot) " "Alex and Sabrina"
"Hope" "Lost" "The Painter's Foe"
"Daisy" "Writing a Boy" "Lucky Number Seven"
"To Red October Skies" "Grandpa Lost His Marbles " "Blackbird"
"Perspective " "Taken In the Night" "Journey to the End"
"Motel 7" "The Magic Flower" "The Sand Colored Subject"
"To Love a Scrapper" "Too Little, Too Late" "Surveillance Camera 381"
"A Heavy Leaf to Turn" "Night Blood" "El Diablo"
"I do?" "Not So Horrible First Day of School " "Taken in the Night"
"The Strike" "Company" "A Strange Bond with Death"
"Time-Out" "Natural Disaster" "The Winter Star"
"Firsts and Lasts" "Communication" "Escape"
"Survival of the fittest" "An (Almost) Free Korea" "My Pet Jimmy"
"Mystery of Flight 19" "Freedom Walk" "Hieroglyphic Disappearance "
"Witch" "The Red Village" "The Manhattan Project"
"Reality of the 1920s" "Okay" "the story of us"
"The German Survivor" "The Untold Story of John F. Kennedy's Death" "Spill or be Killed"
"One Sentence" "Stardust" "Chaya"
"Starry Night" "Change of Heart" "Friendship"
"Basic Space" "Sleight of Hand" "Vows"
"The Forgotten Patriot" "Terminal" "Armored Love"
"Dear Dawn" "The Ivied and the Hopeful " "The Conquest of Flight"
"Farewell to Fireflies" "The Lowest Branches" "Just 8 Seconds"
"Yosemite" "Divine Winds" "Yosemite"
"And Papa Cried" "18 Years Handwritten" "Paper Paradise"
"Maniaphobia" "Just Three" "Ball is Life"