It's All Write - All Submissions 2015

2014 submissions were accepted in the three grade categories - Middle School, Grades 9th/10th and Grades 11th/12th. The following are all the students and the work they submitted for this year's It's All Write Contest. The winning stories and finalists can be viewed here.

"H&C" "He" "Kidnapped With a Cliff Hanger"
"Ivan the Brave" "The Ultimate Takeaway" "Blue "
"At the Dead End of Elm Street" "The Tire Swing" "My MasterPiece"
"Dimples the Donkey" "Change." "Bookends "
"Question, "Answer"" "Lonely" "That Day"
"Stepping into Shoes" "Deceptive Reflections" "The Box"
"Off the Clock" "Beggar on 4th Avenue" "Runaway"
"The Storyteller" "Restart Button" "Gone"
"Costume Confusion" "In Return" "The Saint"
"Closets, Secrets and Lies" "The Other Side of the Horizon" "Apocalypse"
"The Stone" "Charles" "Humanity's new home"
"Karl" "Safe" "The Annex"
"The Ridiculous Miracle of Philberry Silvester" "Hope To FLy " "Silent Waters"
"The Dealer and The Scam" "Jessie" "Metal Graveyard"
"In a Room of Darkness" "The Ugly Truth" "Forgotten Footsteps"
"Leper Messiah " "Big to Little " "In Your Dreams"
"395 Moon Road" "The Anniversaries Of Nine Eleven" "(Parenthetical)"
"Memory" "Kind of Following Directions" "All the Empty Rooms"
"The Wheels on the Bus" "Power Ten" "Arthur"
"Fairy Tale Endings" ""Hero"" "Imaginary"
"The Last Sentence" "Will it Ever End " "A Goodbye Gone"
"A Holocaust Experience" "Finding light" "A Unexpected Gift"
"Beauty through the Storm" "Upside-down" "Unexpected Loss"
"Lights Turned Off" "The bus" "His Last Words"
"Genie, Genie" "Snow" "Reflections on My Fast-Forwared Life"
"The Mystery at Kingsley Boarding School " "His First Laugh" "The Tale of the Everlasting Oak"
"The not so pretty faced" "The Trap" "Asymptote"
"Losing Time" "Fountain Pens" "Distorted"
"The very worst moment." "What Happened?" ""The Reasons Why""
"The Only Way Out " "Shards of Azul" "One By One"
"Back to the Start" "Toxic Intentions " "Covered In Debris "
"Time is of the Essence" "The Line Drive" "GROSS-ery Store"
"Why Walter Adams Cheated at Bingo" "Weightless" "The Charm"
"Dear Father" "Escaping The Enemies" "My, My, Moa"
"Story Of Life" "Swimmers, Take Your Marks...Snow" "confusion"
"My True Family" "Uprising" "Office Party"
"Utopia " "The Story Teller" "Wildcard"
"Doing It All Over" "The Gravestone" "Monroe Street"
"The Leaming" "Why Won't the Memories Fade Away" "140 Characters"
"Watch Your Back" "Anyone But James" "Hard Times Ahead"
"First is the Worst" "Big Business, Big Secrets" "The Passage"
"Always The Same" "Jailbreak" "Back to the Top"
"Space and Time" "The Fall From Glory" "Good Game"
"Shattered" "How I Lost Him" "Grace"
"Walk" "Cause and Affect" "Forgotten"
"Keys" "Greed" "The Trouble With Tortellini"
"In a Blink of an Eye" "The Gambling Strikeout" "Time Doesn't Heal Everything"
"About the Dogs" "Berts Eye View" "A New Beginning"
"Beach House" "Good Fortune" "Spilled Milk"
"Past the Finish Line" "Bad food." "Fixing the Break"
"Joe Average" "Waves" "170 Billion "
"Goodbye" "I Need Your Help" "Powerball"
"The Flood" "Where the Wild Onions Grow" "Hit and Run"
"Keep Running And Don't Stop " "Memories" "rain drops"
"Only One" "Jack Frost’s Daughter" "A Fish Market"
"New Begining" "The Delivery" "In fair Heber City"
"Quarters" "Heartbeat" "Chills"
"Flimsy Façade " "Plastic Friends" "Injury"
"Mystery Man" "Kidnapped in NYC" "The Scientist "
"The Long Haul" "Mountain Dew, Chuck Taylors, and Empty Words" "One Phone call and a bad decision"
"Youth of Change" "Afterburn " "Best Frenemies"
"The Willow Tree" "The Frozen Followers" "Io Sono Emma Gere"
"Anger" "Memories" "A Taste of the Outdoors"
"The Calvin parlor " "Shallows " "The Real Evolution"
"The Evacuation" "Bittersweet" "The Accused"
"The Sound of White" "Fallen Minds" "Lost In Time"
"The depths of misery" "Hardlight" "The Dumb Vacation"
"Putting out the Fire" "My Trip to New York City" "Dreaming Of Freedom"
"The End" "Not About A Daisy" "How-to babysit"
"Hope" "The Voices" "Shadows"
"Red" "The Heart of the Matter" "Over the Horizon "
"Dawn of the Zombiesaurs" "The start of Sarah's singing career: scholarships, surprises and A-list sweet sixteen" "Waxing Wings "
"The Yesterday " "Memories" "CyberNet"
"The Shadows " "Iridescence" "Just Deal With It"
"A Whole New World" "A Trail of Grief" "The Rise of the Shining Stars"
"LMI" "Where the Watermelons Grow" "Runaway"
"The Carcer" "Mind Me" "Different"
"The Girl Forgotten by Everyone" "Coward" "Things Aren’t Always What It Seems"
" A Risky Rescue" "The Time I Lost My Uncle" "Baking Cookies"
"Middle School" "Barbecue Trouble" "My Grandmother"
"Letters to the Living" "The Hidden Truth" "I'm a Vampire"
"When The Wind Blows" "Die Young" ""A Day On the Trampoline""
"A Helping Hand" "Summer Camp " "The World We Know Has Come To An End"
"A warning" "THE WORLD THAT AWAITS" "Embracing Darkness"
"The dream" "The Switch" "The Scary Night on Halloween"
"The Undead Library" "Trust" "Wanderlust"
"American Traitor" "good vs evil" "Away in the Crater"
"Running From the Past" "My Own Little World" "Birthday Recollections"
"Nothing But A Nightmare" "The Love of the Runt" "How to be a jerk about criticism "
"Wish For A Fish" "How to Forget:A False Escape" "Sea Smiles"
"The Bar" "The Potato Ploy" "The Man of Metal"
"It's a Hardcover World" "Lost and Found" "Outside the Window"
"Doggie Diaries The New Year's Resolution" "47029" "The Cemetery Tree"
"Stranger In The Snow" "Grayson" "How She Got Away"
"Friend " "Past The Woods, Through The Woods" "The Lies of Comprehension"
"A Leaf in the Wind" "Remember" "Just a Game"
"Why Lemons Are Green" "Runaway" "Why Lemons Are Green"
"2050" "The Last Game" "The Hunt"
"The House" "Bartholomew" "Breaking Free"
"A Great Expectation" "Of All the Reasons" "Heist"
"Marco Polo" "Flight #593" "No Time"
"Miss Cartwright's Murder Mystery" "The Countdown" "Bitter Sweet"
"Morning Rush" "The Blue Stone" "The Puppeteer."
"The Return of Percy Jackson" "The Oak Chest" "Shards of Memories"
"Moving On" "The Serpentine Amulet" "1:36 A.M"
"The Lawyer" "The Dance" "The Vacation of My LIfe "
"Rapunzel: The Real Story" "The Changes" "Waking Up to Say Goodbye"
"Tapping" "Fireworks" "Stolen"
"Rose's Stem " "Merge" "The Master of Fire"
"Aetheria" "Roller coaster " "The Trenches"
"Prudence" "Halloween Night and a Lost Little Brother" "Courage"
"The Perfect Thanksgiving" "Before it all happend" "diptik "
"just me" "My Lips Are Sealed and So Are My Deals" "The Visit From The Planet Of Zucchini "
"If Earth was Heaven" "A Day in Her Shoes" "The Night Everything Changed"
"Necessity" "A Family Dinner" "Best Nightmare Ever"
"Black Feathers Blue Feathers" "The Painter " "Telling Choices"
"In Which the Coffee Runs Dry " "they go to the lake" "Virtues of Abnormality"
"Losing Summer" "Gaze" "Amongst The Stars"
"Slipping Away" "Collision" "Pocket Watch"
"Maturity" "Night Sky" "Misfire"
"Gerald and the Buck" "Inked" "Dragon Scales"
"The Woman Next Door" "Lights" "The Next Big Thing"
"Mrs. Jane" "Losing Home" "Stuck on a swamp"
"Erebia Pluto" "Colorblind" "To Be Better"
"Beneath the Lily Pads" "The Hourglass" "Jam (Turn It Up)"
"Sympathy For the Drug Addict" "No Pawns" "Wood Floats"
"Cooking Class" "The Toad Queen" "Blink"
"Burgess Sir Kingswich" "A Girl, In Seven Parts" "Track"
"Open" "An Emerald Spark" "I Don't Care"
"A Mold to Break " "Night-Birds" "Fallen Children"
"Ender" "The Time Death Cried" "It's Always The Quiet Ones"
"Lifetimes" "But With A Whimper" "The Birth of Pumpkin Man"
"The Thing I Cannot Be" "The Invisibility Cloak" "A Single Casualty"
"Specialty Cases" "Nightmares Never End Well" "My Heart Remains “à Paris”"
"The Water Jar" "The Reunion that Never Was" "Pretty Stranger"
"Scam" "The Storm is Coming" "As The Night Went On"
"Of Buses and Boxers" "Flowered Fingertips " "Nascence of a Passion"
"The Face Through the Two Sided Glass" "Making Paradise" "Seamstress of Stories"
"Ivory Happenings " "You" "The S.O.S."
"Sight Beyond the Eyes" "The Typist" "Escape to Reality"
"P.S. I Miss You" "Maxwell Wallace The Baddest Mofo in Town" "In One Quick Movement"
"Beneath the Traffic Light" "Jeff, Steve, and Co." "The Traveler"
"That Mysterious Night " "Sullen Moonlight" "Life Can Only be Stumbled Upon by Lost People"
"Detour" "Randy" "The Fairy Circle"
"Providence Unexpected" "Depth of Field" "Anbaransuna Sekai"
"Abduction " "The Destroyed City" "Decisions Decisions "
"Alive (على قيد الحياة)" "Cassie Rutherford: Steampunk Detective" "Tethered."
"A Night In New York" "New Dawn, New Day" "Why Can't I be Me?"
"The Sound of Love" "This is Called the Monster" "Words Left to Say"
"Arthur’s Favorite Day" "Columbus Day Kleptomaina" "New Orleans Pickings"
"Good Intentions" "Not Thinking Straight" "Saving Posna"
"What Lurks Within" "Solitary" "Lavender in the Ravine"
"Caligula" "Raze for Revival" "Life When Going To An Indian School "
"1778" "Coming to America" "The Woods"
"Battle of the Alamo" "The Darkest Years" "The Last and First Days of Freedom"
"Come Home" "Lemons" "Confined "
"I, Lucius Aurelius Regillus" "The Man With the Grey Tie and a Golden Suit" "The Happiest Man"
"Broken Banks, Legs, and Fourth Walls" "Delusional" "The Great War"
"Promise" "Vega" "The Unexpected "
"The Neighbors" "Abduction" "Salvation"
"Green Light" "Hot Cheetos" "Butterflies "
"Thoughts on a Bus" "Undercover Apocalypse" "Variation Under Nature"
"One Day Teddy Will" "The Brown Room Turned White" "The Empty Dinner Table"