Crime Fighting Super Robot Family!

Crime Fighting Super Robot Family!

Builder: Yotam Chopra
Grades K-2
Coolest Robot

Meet our fancy family of robots! Our largest robot "Robocop," is our most powerful and fully equipped of the group. He comes with wings for flying, many powerful missiles and guns, and moving arms carrying more weapons than he knows what to do with!

Some of his weapons include: a missile on his back, shoulder missiles, head shooters, a fancy sword, and a bulldozer-like ball for smashing large items.

His neck and feet rotate 360 degrees, allowing him to be transported and moved with the help of his command center located at his left hip. From the command center, a robot pilot can give commands for both "Robocop" and his family of robots.

Our second robot "Mom Bot" is known for her intelligent design. She comes equipped with multiple shooters. She also has an extra set of hands at her center, allowing her to multitask with ease through her many crime fighting tasks.

She also has a neck which rotates 360 degrees, allowing her to see all the shenanigans anybody could get into. Super robot mom!

"Baby Bot" is the smallest of the three robots. He comes equipped with amazing far reaching vision. He can see clearly up to a 3 miles! He has the keen ability to fit into hard to reach spaces, fly through the air like a turbo jet, and fight with his light saber!

Photographer: Tom Smith
Date: 2013

Copyright: Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-alike)
Rights Held by: Ann Arbor District Library

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This is my son's creation. So

This is my son's creation. So proud of my son !